Brennan's of Houston


For over 40 years, Brennan's of Houston has been the destination for brides who are searching for Southern hospitality. We have several different-sized rooms to accommodate any size celebration and dedicated culinary staff to make your taste buds sing.

"The grandest restaurant in the city." —Alison Cook,

Client Testimonials

“LOVED working with Brennan’s! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding venue. What really set them apart was the food. We'd eaten there before and knew the food was amazing, but I didn't know if the quality would potentially suffer since we had a buffet-style dinner that was being prepared beforehand in bulk. Not so with Brennan’s! The quality was top-notch, and everyone told us it was the best wedding food they'd ever had. The staff was great in making sure that we got full plates at the beginning of the night and even brought us a second portion because our food got cold after we went around talking to people. Nothing could have been better, and I want to say thanks again to Brennan’s for making the evening so wonderful!”


“Thank you, Brennan’s of Houston, for the perfect wedding day. We were absolutely blown away by every staff member. We chose to use the courtyard for our wedding, followed by the Terms of Endearment room for our small reception. Both places were decorated beautifully with seasonal flowers and linens. We also wanted to share this special day with our dog, which was our ring bearer. Brennan’s entire team welcomed her and allowed her to feel right at home. Anyone who chooses Brennan’s will not be disappointed with of course, the food, staff, wedding coordinator, and location.”


“We had our wedding outside in the courtyard at Brennan's, and it was beautiful, and Brennan's made it perfect. The food and service were superb, and all of my family still raved about the wedding. We loved the fact that we could schedule our wedding there, and they handled most of the arrangements, except for things I wanted to be personally included on.”