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8 Reasons to Hire a Hair & Makeup Pro

There’s no spotlight like your wedding spotlight—earn it, own it and love it.

Lessons In Intimacy

Life and love lessons to ensure a lasting marriage union.

Get Gorgeous, Girl!

"Radiant Bride" author Alexis Wolfer talks prepping, primping and getting wedding-day beautiful.

Pre-Wedding Fitness For Body + Mind

Getting in shape for your wedding is easier, and way more fun, than you think.

3 Steps to Pre-Wedding Fitness

If you’re concerned about the state or shape of your bod, take heart: getting started is much easier than you may think! Here are three steps to getting fit, healthy, and happy for the big day and beyond.

A Guide to Gorgeous

You’ve found the perfect partner, and then the perfect sites for your ceremony and reception. You've selected sensational invitations, chosen the caterer, the musicians, the menu, the florist and your wedding-day duds. You’ve left no detail unattended—or have you? Deciding how you’ll look on your wedding day is a duty that demands special attention. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event!

5 Surefire Stress-Busters for Busy Brides and Grooms

We can’t eliminate all the extra responsibilities you’ll be taking on as you make your way toward your beautiful day. But we can offer some simple, practical, even delightful, ways to reduce pre-wedding stress and actually savor the pleasure of this special time in your (crazy busy, insanely overscheduled, totally hectic) life.