Reverent Wedding Films


At Reverent Wedding Films, we want your video to do more than just document the activities of the day. Our goal is to provide you with a film compilation that narrates your story in a way that presses past simple point-and-shoot video recordings. Each time you watch your video, we want you to be able to relive the feelings and relive the experience as if it were the first time. We want your film to take you back to the emotions of the day: the overwhelming love, the joy, the hope, the laughter.

One of our core values as a team is Integrity, which means that “regardless of the cost, we are united to be honest, to live morally, and to serve others.” We guarantee you will have a high quality, cinematic storytelling of your day!

With us, you don't have to worry about experiencing the heartbreak other brides have endured after hiring another company that over-promised and under-delivered or didn't deliver at all.  Our impeccable track record demonstrates that hiring Reverent Wedding Films removes that worry, and our glistening reviews speak for themselves.

Our goal is to capture the memories of your event in the least stressful way for you as possible.  We work so efficiently and unobtrusively that we're even able to capture moments you might not have been able to experience the day of your wedding due to demand for your time and attention by loving family and friends.  Many brides contact us after they watch their film for the first time and are so elated about the surprise special moments we captured. They're so touched that we can include those moments in their film and that they can experience them forever.  

No matter the budget, each client receives consistent attention to detail, professional rendering and edits and attentive staff who care about you and your story. From the initial introductory call to the final delivery of your video, you'll feel confident that you partnered with the best team to record and tell your story.


Client Testimonials

"BEST DECISION WE MADE! Throughout our entire engagement, I went back and forth on whether or not to hire a videographer. Some people said not to, and some swore up and down that we needed to. So after 11 months of deliberation, I started my desperate search for a videographer available one month before the big day. I heard back from a few but wasn't ecstatic with the options/overall vibe I got... until I heard back from Reverent. Luckily, our wedding was on a Sunday and the Reverent team was available. They listened to what we were envisioning, and the feel we wanted our wedding video to have, and boy did they capture it. Shortly after our wedding, one of my best friends and bridesmaids passed away. When it came time to send out our teaser highlight film, they paid special tribute to her all on their own. All of you have such big hearts, and we cannot thank y'all enough for the beautiful gift." —Courtney Markland

"If you’re like me (and research every single vendor until you find the absolute perfect one), then let me save you some time and energy - Reverent is AMAZING. They were a joy to work with, listened to what we wanted to be captured, and presented us with an unbelievable wedding film. They put so much thought into everything from the initial talks, to the filming of the wedding day, to the final product. They understood the time and effort I had put into each little part of the wedding and did an excellent job of capturing it all the way I wanted. They recognize that everyone wants something unique and they deliver on that (just look at all their highlight films). We’d pick you all over again!" —Kylie Fulton

 Literally one of my favorite vendors!! They were not only INCREDIBLY talented and creative but were sweet as can be! They were there for our big day and I am so happy to have chosen this team!! The films were so creative and the team was amazing at pulling us aside quickly for amazing shots that they thought would look interesting and oh my gosh, they definitely knew what they were doing! They were awesome at listening to our creative ideas as well as incorporating so many creative ideas of their own! Such a special group- they shoot 4K and provide drone footage and gimbals which was super important to us and the quality we got in return was unbelievable (and I'm hard to impress). 100% book Reverent!! Their consultants were so amazing to communicate with as well and overall the experience was literally perfection. They made this such an easy decision- wish I could just have them follow us around all the time- cannot say enough good things! —Esprit Wilkins