Iron Manor


Iron Manor, nestled next to her sister venue Big Sky Barn, is the epitome of avant-garde industrialism that offers an elegant backdrop for your fairytale event. With perfectly manicured English-style formal gardens and an interior fit for American Royalty, you should really see her in person to understand and appreciate the history and detail of this awe-inspiring Estate.

Crane Hall at Iron Manor is the reincarnation and reimagination of a 115-year-old Carnegie steel building. Beyond the intricate inter-twining trusses and the Gothic/Victorian-esque industrial feel of the countless riveted joints sat perched 20 feet in the air, is the crown jewel of the building; a 50-foot 8-ton Armington overhead crane. One of the oldest specimens of industrial crane design still functioning in the world, this piece spans the width of the entire building. The 8-ton crane will be used to maneuver an incredible display of crystal chandeliers virtually anywhere within the Crane Hall of interest such as a head table. Under this overhead crane, Crane Hall is perfect for accommodating up to 350 guests.

The structure of the Chapel is made up of high arch open web trusses that carry the design of the old Crane Hall through the entire building. To ensure the beauty of the steel would be exposed, the building was designed with secondary external framed walls so the patterned brick interior walls would not cover it up.

The Chapel is also home to our Groom’s quarters and Bridal Suite. The Groom's room provides a spacious, industrial-themed environment with a bank of televisions, poker table and Golden Tee arcade game to keep the guys entertained. The Bridal Suite is simply world-class and boasts details so unique that they must be seen in person.

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