8 Tantalizing Wedding Treats From Alchemy Bake Lab

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Photo: Ama by Aisha | Venue: Iron Manor

Want guests to describe your dessert bar as decadent? The artisans at Alchemy Bake Lab have you covered. For the past two years, Alchemy Bake Lab has created treats that could easily double as modern art. Self-proclaimed Houston mini-treat dealers, Alchemy Bake Lab specializes in bite-sized whimsical creations. 

From gold-gilded macarons, shimmery tarts, and delicately crafted museum-worthy tart cakes, scroll down to unveil the 8 tantalizing wedding treats from Alchemy Bake Lab!

1. Tiered to Perfection
pie, mini, pumpkin, dessert, pastries, bite-sized, pink, gold, treats
Photo: Ama by Aisha | Venue: Iron Manor

Give your guests the mini-treatment. Delectable one bite tarts (the seasonless classic), brown butter Rice Krispies, and pastel pastries are a fun trio to please even the most indecisive of palates!

2. Sculptural Powdered and Rose Gold Donut Stacks
donut, rose, gold, pink, white, cream, dessert, tower, dough, pastry, treats
Photo Courtesy of Alchemy Bake Lab

Towers of Alchemy Bake Lab’s glitzy rose gold and powdered donuts add height and sculptural flair.

3. Tiny Taste of Paris: Mini Macarons
macaron, treats, meringue, dessert, reception, bite-sized, cream, red,mini
Photo Courtesy of Alchemy Bake Lab

Smitten for this chic meringue treat? Wake up your guest’s palates with flavors like fruity pebbles, spiced chai, or as an ode to your special day, wedding cake.

4. Festive Trio of Cinnamon Sugar Churros
dessert, mini, treats, churros, dipping cups, cinnamon, sugar, alchemy bake lab, reception, bakery
Photo Courtesy of Alchemy Bake Lab

Adorable mini-churro dipping cups add warmth and texture to your sweet spread.

5. Insta Worthy, Gilded Cookie Tart
tart, gold, metallic, stars, cookie, cake, chocolate, macaron, mini, treats
Photo Courtesy of Alchemy Bake Lab

Do not underestimate the grandiosity of Alchemy Bake Lab’s tart cakes! Fully customizable by color and shape, these layered statement cakes add a WOW factor to your carefully curated dessert table.

6. Delightful Strawberries and Cream Miniature Tarts
strawberries, tart, cream, jam, pie, mini, rustic, dessert, pastry
Photo Courtesy of Alchemy Bake Lab

Jammy, fresh, and oh-so-addictive strawberries and cream tarts are pint-sized alternatives to ordinary, traditional pies.

7. Waltzing on Sunshine Lemon Bars
lemon, sour, tangy, citrus, desserts
Photo Courtesy of Alchemy Bake Lab

Tangy, sweet lemon bars will add a fresh flair to your dessert table.

8. Painterly Perfection: Custom Wedding Cakes
cake, painted, fondant, watercolor, blue, green, gold, dessert
Photo: The Jeffries

Alchemy Bake Lab creates stunning, creative wedding cakes to accompany their signature mini-treats. Opt for a contemporary, painted fondant cake or work alongside Alchemy to create the cake of your dreams.

Unconventional and ever-so-delicious, Alchemy Bake Lab gives you and your VIP guests a unique mini-dessert experience proving that bigger isn’t necessarily better…even in Texas! Schedule an appointment with Alchemy Bake Lab today and allow founder, Kady, to magically transform your dessert table experience.

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