David Peck


I’m David. My official title here is “Head of Everything,” which sums it up pretty much. My days range from finding myself on the studio floor pinning a hem, to throwing on a tux and heading out to a black-tie gala or wedding for a client. I am mostly known for custom, couture quality wedding gowns and evening gowns & easy pieces that become wardrobe staples. I am the king of making it work.

Making women feel like the best possible version of themselves is what gets me going. Textiles sourced from around the globe, exuberant color, playful textures, and artistic prints are infused into my designs, many of which are limited editions. We make custom wedding dresses, couture gowns and clothing here in Houston in our own factory that is connected to our boutique.

I design for women who want something a little different and appreciate quality clothes that stand the test of time. Luxury isn’t just the number of zeros on a price tag, it’s an experience. Getting to know our clients and what makes them unique is what sets us apart. There are a ton of beautiful dresses in the world, but the experience of having something custom made for you that truly makes you feel comfortable and the best version of you is what makes us unique. Having clothing made for you doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. It should be fun and enjoyable. That’s what we do!

The design process can take as long or as little time as you have. We’ve made wedding gowns in three days! I don’t recommend that for everyone, but we make it happen if you need it. Typically, we say to allow 2-3 months for most custom wedding dresses, which is a little longer than our 4-6 week time frame, to allow for extra fittings to make your dress absolutely perfect. If you have more time, that allows us to be even more creative with fabric selection and truly making your vision a reality.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation so we can get to work on your dream wedding dress!