Ivory Blooms Fill This Whimsical Wedding at The Peach Orchard Venue

The bride and groom stand in front of The Peach Orchard, their wedding venue
Photo: RaeTay Photography | Venue: The Peach Orchard Venue

Before their whimsical wedding at The Peach Orchard, it all started in 2016 when Lesly was offered a position at Abercrombie which she turned down due to the long commute. Laziz ironically accepted it while she started work at another location. A year later, their districts combined, and Laziz was asked to fill in for Lesly while she was on vacation. “I needed someone to fill in for me while I was out for two weeks – and out of many, it was [Laziz] who was chosen. [He] should have been gone the day I was back, but they asked [him] to stay one more day…and that’s all it took. Timing is everything & it’s always been [Laziz].” Lesly says.  

Once Laziz received Lesly’s dad’s blessings, he had to get creative with his proposal due to the pandemic. Eventually, Laziz proposed at his birthday dinner in June 2020 at Tiny’s No. 5, where the couple had their first date.

“We were walking up to the gazebo, and he started with, “You know you’re my everything. You are beautiful,” and to be honest, I’m not sure what else he said in between that and me saying YES!” “I was in happy tears on cloud nine!” says Lesly.

On September 25, 2021, the couple married at The Peach Orchard, a stunning venue on a historic property in The Woodlands, where 400 peach trees once grew. Lush greenery trailed along the aisle as Lesly made her way to her groom at the altar, where both of their dogs wearing green garlands sat.

The reception was a joyous affair with the newlyweds and guests dancing on a black and white checkered dance floor. The crowd indulged in delicious desserts and took photos in front of a backdrop covered in white flowers. As the evening drew to a close, the couple made their grand exit through an aisle of dazzling sparklers held by their guests. Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin enjoyed a romantic honeymoon in the Maldives.

Flatlay with an invitation suite featuring bronze ribbons, rings, ivory blooms and cursive script at a wedding at the Peach Orchard Venue.

The bride sits with her bridesmaids as they all pose in bright red silky robes, getting ready for the bride's wedding day.

The bride holds the flower girl's hands and smiles down at her in the bridal suite at The Peach Orchard

Wedding party stands behind a smiling bride ,holding a bouquet of ivory blooms, and groom outside the wedding venue, The Peach Orchard Venue

Bridesmaids follow the bride outside of the wedding venue. They are all holding their flower bouquets full of greenery and ivory blooms.

The front of The Peach Orchard venue in The Woodlands, TX

The groom smiles and laughs while walking with his groomsmen outside before his wedding.

The bride stands outside The Peach Orchard holding her bridal bouquet, which is full of lush greenery and ivory flowers.

One of the groomsmen holds the leash to the bride and groom's dog, who is wearing a greenery garland around his neck.

The bride and groom stand on the altar with their dogs by their side.

The bride and groom happily walk down the aisle surrounded by their guests clapping. Lush greenery trails down the aisle on either side of them.

The bride and groom embrace in front of their wedding party outside of The Peach Orchard Venue.

The bride and groom sit on a couch outside of their wedding venue in The Woodlands, TX.

The reception room is decorated and ready for the wedding party and guests. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling and lush greenery and ivory blooms fill the centerpieces on the tables.

The bride and groom enter the reception room and the bride holds up her bridal bouquet.

A dessert tray is full of yummy desserts with powdered sugar, strawberries and mini baked goods.

The bride and groom kiss at their table at the reception. Lush greenery and ivory flowers adorn the table for the whimsical wedding.

A Schitt's Creek inspired wedding card on the dessert table (AL)

The bride and groom pose with their guests in front of a photo backdrop full of white flowers and a neon sign at their wedding reception.

The wedding cake has ivory textured frosting and dainty whimsical flowers along each tier at a wedding reception at The Peach Orchard Venue.

The bride and groom cut into a 5-tiered cake at their wedding reception at the Peach Orchard Venue.

Groom leans bride over for a kiss on a black and white checkered dance floor with sparklers behind them at their wedding reception at The Peach Orchard Venue in the Woodlands, TX

The bride and groom leave their whimsical wedding in a tunnel of sparklers held by their guests.

“Ivory Blooms Fill This Whimsical Wedding at The Peach Orchard Venue” Spotlight Weddings in Houston Vendor – Venue: The Peach Orchard

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