This Couple’s Rustic French Blue Wedding Happened On The Same Day Both Their Great-Grandparents Said “I Do”

The bride and groom hold hands at their rustic French blue wedding in the countryside.
Photography: Amy Maddox Photography

In 2014, Taylor and Clayton’s love story unfolded in the unlikeliest of places ⁠— the gym. Mutual friends paved the way for conversation that sparked a connection. After an injury, Taylor stopped going to the gym, and the couple didn’t cross paths until two years later when Taylor serendipitously ran into Clayton at a local country club. With his fondness for two-stepping, Clayton invited Taylor to dance, igniting a spark that would keep them dancing together ever since. Two weeks later, Clayton mustered the courage to ask Taylor to be his girlfriend while dancing. Just two months later, while sharing another dance, Clayton revealed his feelings and told her he loved her, marking the pivotal moments in their love story.

Having been together since 2016, Taylor, a meticulous planner, anticipated a proposal. Clayton, however, orchestrated a sweet surprise that left Taylor genuinely unsuspecting. Under the guise of attending her best friend’s bridesmaid’s dinner, Taylor arrived at a restaurant only to be greeted by a courtyard adorned with rose petals and a kneeling Clayton, ready to sweep her off her feet.

When selecting their wedding date, the couple had yet to learn that it would align with the wedding anniversary of both sets of great-grandparents. The bride says, “I posted it to Facebook saying how excited we were to have chosen a date, and my grandmother commented that her parents were married April 9th, and then Clay’s grandmother commented later also saying her parents were married April 9th, too!”

In 2022, Taylor and Clayton wed in a charming, rustic French blue wedding surrounded by aged oak trees. Amy Maddox Photography expertly captured the couple’s alfresco ceremony and romantic vows.

The vintage reception space adorned in shades of blue, blush and gold and antique accents set the stage for an enchanting celebration. As the night continued, Taylor and Clayton danced and reveled with loved ones before embarking on a tropical honeymoon to Hawaii.

Keep scrolling to see all the sweet countryside moments from Taylor and Clayton’s big day.

A flat lay of the wedding stationery surrounded by the brides shoes, white and pastel flowers and antique accessories.

The bride and groom's wedding bands and wedding ring lay on top of a mirrored surface.

The bride smiles as she puts on her wedding day earrings before her French blue outdoor wedding ceremony.

The bridesmaids help the bride put on her wedding dress.

The bride holds her wedding bouquet of greenery and white flowers.

The groomsmen walk outside under oak tress at a Houston wedding venue.

The bride and her bridesmaids stand under a wrap-around porch at a wedding venue in Houston.

An oak tree is the front of the alter for the bride and groom's outdoor ceremony space.

The bride's father walks her down the aisle at her French blue wedding in Houston.

The bride and groom share a kiss at the end of the aisle after exchanging vows with a countryside wedding.

The bride and groom hold hands as they run through their cheering wedding party.

The bride looks down at her greenery and white flower wedding bouquet outside the wedding venue in Houston.

The groom kisses the bride on the cheek under an oak tree.

The groom gives the bride a kiss on her head at their charming French blue wedding.

The bride and groom hold hands in front of a wooden tower with their names "Clayton and Taylor" strung across in decorative lettering.

The groom spins the bride around a vintage white car.

The bride and groom share a laugh while one of the bridesmaids gives a speech at the French blue wedding reception.

The bride and groom dance at their wedding reception as guests watch.

Wedding guests wave sparklers in the air as the bride and kiss exiting their countryside wedding reception.

“This Couple’s Rustic French Blue Wedding Happened On The Same Day Both Their Great-Grandparents Said ‘I Do'” Spotlight WiH Partner- Photographer: Amy Maddox Photography

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