The Moment


The Moment is a 9-piece wedding band performing in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. We're an accomplished, experienced, and versatile group of musicians who love to perform at weddings, receptions, private parties, corporate events, etc. Our experiences and eagerness to play are second to none. 

The diverse range of music caters to all ages. This includes classic jazz standards for cocktail hours to early Beatles, to Journey and Queen to Bruno Mars, Maroon 5 and Beyoncé. Click here for our full song list.

The Moment offers an amazing live entertainment experience for wedding receptions and other events.


Client Testimonials

"Do not hesitate booking THE MOMENT! WOW. Scott & The Moment band are SO much more to me than our wedding band. Scott was patient, kind, and SO understanding when it came to my last minute tweaks. He organized playlist after playlist and brought tears to both mine and my now husbands eyes. The Moment effortlessly guided our day into the night. From learning a new song for my parents to sing during our first dance, all the way to our private last dance where I surprised my husband with his favorite song (more tears). If we had to do it all over again, booking The Moment would be the first thing we did." - Gina T.

"The Moment is going to be the best part of your wedding right behind the actual marriage. They made our day so special and didn’t stop celebrating us at our wedding. They learned and personalized all of our big dance numbers. Including the First Dance and the Mother/Son & the Father/Daughter dances. They sent us a gift after our wedding and even helped us get our wedding publicized. They are truly the ultimate wedding band of the century. There should be no debate whether you book them, do it, and your wedding will be life changing. They are a great band and even better people. I have and will always recommend them for ANY event! They are very easy to work with and very adaptable. They come with a lot of equipment and can do almost any venue setup. Very professional and technical. Easily the most stress-free decision to make while wedding planning." - Wynne S.