Not Your Ordinary Cakes, LLC


Cakes that make a statement! I'm not ordinary. Why should my cakes be? Not Your Ordinary Cakes is about Cake Evolution. Take a standard cake and evolve it into something extraordinary. Each cake is handcrafted from sponge cake, stacked and filled between delicious layers of homemade Swiss meringue buttercream filling (fruit and custard fillings can be substituted). Then, my cakes are covered with rich, decadent ganache for a truly flavorful enhancing experience your tastebuds will never forget.

Not Your Ordinary Cakes not only specializes in cakes that make a statement but we are one of the few artists in the Houston area specializing in 3D sculpted cakes, gravity-defying cakes, structured cakes and network television featured cakes.

NYOCakes has over 14 years of experience sculpting cakes into life-like art or bringing your favorite childhood cartoon to 3D life. So whether you're planning a wedding, anniversary, small gathering, or big corporate event, Not Your Ordinary Cakes is ready to help you prepare for guests from 4 to 4000.

Owner and Lead Cakeologist Jessica Ewald is described as anything but ordinary. This is attributed to her highly recognizable traits as a neurodivergent mother and wife. One of the most common words her clients use to describe her when discussing cake is Jessica is passionate about what she does, maybe even a bit obsessive. With the help of her husband, a structural engineer, James and Jessica create some of the most unique cakes in the Houston area.

Client Testimonials

"Jessica made our dreams come true and made our wedding cake picture perfect. The attention to detail was amazing. It not only looked good but was delicious. She was so professional and kind and even delivered our cake. People are still raving about the cake. Thank you, Jessica, for helping make our vision a reality on the most important day of our lives." -Manuel

"Jessica is amazing! Her customer service is superb. The cake she made for our baby shower was absolutely perfect and tasted amazing! She will be my go-to baker from now on. A wonderful experience from start to finish." -Maria

"Couldn't be happier with the way our cake came out. We ordered a cake modeled after the Boeing Starliner spacecraft, and it looked and tasted great. The owner is very responsive, professional, and detail-oriented. I was super impressed with the end product. Highly recommend." -Asia