Big Sky Barn


This sprawling 17-acre property in Montgomery is home to elegant wooden barns set on breath-taking backdrops of pines and hardwoods. Big Sky Barn's interior was designed onsite using reclaimed woods and resources sourced from Maine to Montana.

The secluded venue has everything you need for a memorable occasion. Big Sky Barn's iconic and beautifully constructed wooden bridge offers the perfect romantic touch. The Barn Gardens between the barns is a relaxing recreational area with seating and games to entertain your guests. Tucked behind Big Sky Barn are stone paths that lead down into a dense forest with a pergola and rock bridge. As night falls, you’ll find yourself basking in the soft glow of the forest’s trees illuminated with tens of thousands of lights.

The Chapel at Big Sky Barn makes the perfect venue for year-round weddings and events in the Houston and Montgomery area. With 3,250 square feet of climate-controlled space, there is no need to make alternate plans for weather or have guests “grab a chair” so that a single space can be used for ceremony and reception. The backdrop for the wedding ceremony is a 26-foot tall wall of antique windows framed with thick solid oak beams. The wedding chapel is also home to our Groom’s quarters (nicknamed “The Last Stand Room”) and the now-famous, Big Sky Barn bridal suite.

The Grand Barn is perfect for accommodating up to 300 guests, featuring a dance floor, bar, food and beverage set up. The focal point of the Grand Barn is our huge 3.5 story double-sided stone fireplace. Also featured are ADA restrooms, a dedicated Caterer’s Kitchen and a 1,200 square foot covered deck overlooking one of our outdoor entertainment areas.

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