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The I Do! Soiree at The Corinthian was on Feb. 25th and we are still reminiscing on the absolutely fabulous event. First off, we want to say a HUGE thank you to all the engaged couples, guests and wedding vendors who joined us in at our fun-filled luxury wedding planning event! Secondly, we want to give another HUGE thank you to the brands who participated in our luxury Soiree swag bags. Each brand was handpicked by the Weddings In Houston Team and we hope our to-be-wed couples love them as much as we do. So scroll down and check out these amazing beauty, skincare, favors, accessories and stationery products that would be perfect for any and all your wedding occasions.

soiree swag bag baublebar earrings


Known for playing with trends, BaubleBar is a go-to source for stylish and modern jewelry that is both high quality and affordable. Our Soiree swag bags included a variety of BaubleBar earrings, from the Magnolia Statement Earring to the Lutana Druzy Hoop. BaubleBar is also the perfect spot for bridesmaids’ gifts and accessories that are certain to make your b’maids smile. Other popular items include personalized necklaces in a variety of fun styles, and customizable phone cases that come in dozens of colors and designs, which can uniquely represent each bridesmaid!

Cocktail Courier

Featuring award-winning cocktail recipes from professional bartenders around the country, Cocktail Courier is the cocktail service you’ve been looking for to help choose your wedding’s signature cocktail… delivered right at your door! Cocktail Courier is a cocktail delivery service that includes everything from pre-measured ingredients, alcohol, garnishes and easy to follow recipe card so all you would have to do is open the box, shake or stir and sit back for a sippin good time. Our engaged couples got a taste of this boozy brand with their mini Classic Champagne Cocktail kit!

soiree swag bags lush


The best way to relax after a fun-filled night at the Soiree is to settle in the tub for a good soak… and what better way to do that than with Lush! Lush puts love and care in every product they make, and it shows. Each of their products is sourced through ethical buying, produced without animal testing, and is 100% vegetarian! Lush products make great bridesmaids gifts, that your girls can use to relax and pamper themselves before the big day. Make sure to check out Lush in Highland Village for the freshest handmade bath, body and skincare products!

Jentry Kelley Cosmetics

The stress of wedding planning can dry out your skin… which is why we included Houston-based Jentry Kelley Cosmetics to our 2020 Soiree swag bags! Engaged couples got to take home a sample of Jentry Kelley’s organic Hydrate moisturizer, made with avocado oil and mango butter to soothe dry or combination skin. Jentry Kelley doesn’t just do organic, plant-based skincare, they also have an inclusive makeup line that has something for everyone!


Our Soiree swag bags included gold-ribbon-tied notepads from Bering’s…and that’s just one of many items this iconic Houston retailer stocks in its incredibly diverse store. Bering’s delivers an unparalleled wedding registry experience, making them a longtime Houston fave! They offer an incredible selection of upscale gifts, along with elegant tableware and cookware, an extensive line of grills, Yeti coolers, stationery, luggage, kitchen gadgets, and much, much more!

Model Launcher

Release your inner model with, Model Launcher! Model Launcher offers high-quality, professional-grade makeup that is not only affordable, but also empowers women to look their picture-perfect best on and off the camera. Our Soiree swag bags featured Model Launcher concealer, foundation, eyebrow pencils and lip liner.

Parry Botanicals

Houston-based beauty company Parry Botanicals is all about offering products that make you feel good inside and out for ALL skin types. Not only are their beauty products fragrance and dye-free with no parabens and no animal testing, but they also use only recyclable products that are environmentally friendly! We loved sharing Parry Botanical’s restorative cream (a soothing, healing cream that offers relief of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis) and organic lip balm (for lip elasticity improvement and promotes cell reconstruction) with our engaged couples!

Soiree swag bag wedding favors etsy picture perfect papier

Picture Perfect Papier

There’s a reason they call themselves Picture Perfect Papier and that’s because their cute little customized matchbooks are picture perfect! Picture Perfect Papier is a match made in heaven when it comes to engaged couples that are looking for sweet and unique favors to give out during the reception party. Visit their Etsy shop to find your perfect match!

invitology paper studio wedding invitations stationary
Photo: Civic Photos
Invitology Paper Studio

Your wedding invitations offer a first glimpse of your wedding theme and style. That’s why it’s important to have expert designers, like Invitology Paper Studio, design a wedding set that tells your story. At Invitology, they don’t just give you a wedding template to choose from. From the moment you first meet with them, they listen to every idea and detail you have in mind and learn about your love story to develop the wedding invitations that are uniquely you.

soiree swag bag sweet cottontails custom monograms appliques

Sweet Cottontails

Brides are constantly on the run while planning their wedding and it is essential to take notes when meeting with various wedding vendors. That’s why we added Sweet Cottontails’ cute and practical notepads, delicately wrapped up in an adorable baby blue or gray bow, in our Soiree gift bags! Sweet Cottontails designs custom monograms and appliqués in the Houston area to make beautiful personalized gifts or home goods that you will love.

Soiree swag bag wedding favors etsy plaine jane

Plain Jane

Plain Jane knows how to plant the seed of love… literally! We loved including their wildflower seed packets in our Soiree gift bags because of their beautiful color scheme and watercolor design. Sold on Etsy, Plain Jane is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking for whimsical wedding favors with cute pun messages.In addition to the custom seed packets, Plain Jane also offers honey-stick favors, bath salts favors, mint favors and sparkler tags for your glittering sendoff!

soiree swag bag sensia iq lipstick

Sensia IQ

With over 30 years in the beauty industry, Sensia IQ created a makeup line that is beloved in the Houston-area. Their products are created using high-quality ingredients that make you feel beautiful, all while being affordable, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and the best part… humidity-resistant (an essential when dealing with Houston weather)! We included 2 different kinds of Sensia IQ lipsticks in our gift bags: a lip strobe for brides who are looking for a metallic and glittering look and a creamy matte liquid lipstick that is smudge-resist and waterproof!

soiree swag bag roxy benton designs engaged stickers bridal buttons

Roxy Benton Designs

Roxy Benton Designs has done it again, creating our lovely Soiree “Engaged” stickers and this year, added bridal buttons to our Soiree swag bags that are, well, cute as a button! We absolutely adore her charming and chic designs and you will too! Hop on over to her Etsy shop and browse through her abundance of personalized options for bridal buttons, stickers and address labels.

soiree swag bag voyagers dream jewelry mrs earrings

Voyager’s Dream Jewelry

If you love bold and unique statement earrings then look no further than Texas-based jewelry company Voyager’s Dream Jewelry! All their jewelry is handmade, and they offer a wide variety of leather feather earrings or fringe earrings. Or if you want a more fun and quirky look, like the “Mrs.” earrings featured in our Swag Bag, they also have acrylic shapes for everyday or holiday occasions. For weddings, designer Marcie Knight can custom make any earrings for a bridal party theme or as a bridal gift!

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