The Groom’s Guide to Luxury Jewelry + Accessories

Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch
Photo Courtesy of Zadok Jewelers | Watch Available at Zadok Jewelers

Brides aren’t the only ones who accessorize for their wedding day; when it comes to luxury jewelry for grooms, there are many more options and ideas than one may think. Modern jewelry designers are adding more features with flare, like interchangeable wedding bands, unique and trendy cufflinks, while also incorporating timeless vintage pieces to their collections.

So, if you’re searching for luxury jewelry and accessories for yourself or the groom in your life, we got you covered with these six fabulous picks for a stylish wedding day. Scroll on and get shopping!

1. Classic Swiss Watch – Jaeger LeCoultre
Luxury jewelry for grooms includes this swiss-made watch available at Zadok's.
via Zadok Jewelers
2. Rosegold and Pearl Cufflinks – Montblanc
Unique cufflinks with a gold outline and mother-of-pearl studs available at Zadok.
via Zadok Jewelers
3. 18K White Gold Interchangeable Revellion Ring – Jorg Heinz
Interchangeable wedding bands for the groom available at Tenenbaum Jewelers.
via Tenenbaum Jewelers
4. Titanium Bangle – Nouvel Heritage
Titanium bangle for the groom available at Zadok's, a jeweler in Houston, TX.
via Zadok Jewelers
5. Defining Lines Cufflinks – Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry
Silver cufflinks
via Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry
6. Wedding Bands- Zadok Jewelers
A variety of luxury wedding bands for the groom available at Zadok's, a jeweler in Houston.
via Zadok Jewelers

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“The Groom’s Guide to Luxury Jewelry + Accessories” – Spotlight Weddings in Houston Vendors: Zadok Jewelers | Tenebaum Jewelers | Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry
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