Be Bold, Be Royal With Stunning Sapphire Jewelry

Photo: Ama By Aisha | Jewelry: Zadok Jewelers | Venue: Iron Manor | Styling: Summar Salah | Makeup + Hair: VCI Artists Victoria Callaway, Amber Livingston & Dennis Clendennen | Pant Suit: Tootsies

Sapphires have long been a symbol of wisdom, virtue, good fortune and holiness for royals. In an engagement ring, a sapphire means faithfulness and sincerity too and is believed to calm the spirit and heal the body. Long a favorite of royals, the sapphire is known for its beauty, brilliance and hardiness. The most famous royal blue sapphire engagement ring in modern history was that of Princess Diana’s, now Kate Middleton’s.

We’ve handpicked six sapphire accessories from our trusted jewelers, ranging from rings to necklaces just for you. Scroll down and let the queen within you aspire for a sapphire. Happy shopping!

1. Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Accent Ring


Engagement ring, jewelry
Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Accent Ring | Available At: Shaftel Diamonds
2. Blue Sapphire Flower Earrings
Sapphire Earrings
Blue Sapphire Flower Earrings | Available At: I W Marks Jewelers
3. Blue Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet
Sapphire jewelry
Blue Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet | Available At: I W Marks Jewelers
4. White Gold Sapphire Necklace


Zadok Collection 18K White Gold Sapphire Necklace CDNSA00449 | Available At: Zadok Jewelers
5. Sapphire White Gold Diamond Earrings


Zadok Collection 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings CDESA00792 | Available At: Zadok Jewelers
6. Diamond and Sapphire Bypass Ring
Engagement ring
Diamond and Sapphire Bypass Ring | Available At: Zadok Jewelers


We hoped you enjoyed these six sapphire accessories fit for the queen within you! Check out our Jewelry & Accessories Pinterest board for more engagement and wedding day jewelry inspiration. 

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