Luxury Groom’s Gifts To Make His Day Extra Special

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Photo: Sean Thomas Photography | Deakin & Frances Longhorn Corkscrew: Tenenbaum Jewelers

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, it’s easy to overlook the importance of finding the perfect gift for the groom. But fear not, because the 2023 Groom’s gift guide, featured in the latest issue of Weddings in Houston magazine, is here to help. This guide is a treasure trove of luxurious gifts that any groom would be thrilled to receive.

From the sophistication of a crocodile-embossed box with playing cards to the rugged elegance of Lucchese Bootmaker cowboy boots, there’s something for every style and personality. Perhaps a Longhorn Corkscrew from Tenenbaum Jewelers will add a touch of class to his wine nights, or the Polo Heritage Book will satisfy his love for the sport.

This guide is not just about gifts; it’s about celebrating the groom’s unique style and interests. So whether he’s a whiskey connoisseur, a style maven, or a lover of all things luxury, you’re sure to find the perfect gift that speaks to his heart.

Scroll on as we delve deeper into this guide and find the perfect luxurious groom’s gift for your soon-to-be hubby.

1. Crocodile-Embossed Box With Playing Cards

A black crocodile box with gold and black crocodile print playing cards.
Available at L’Objet

2. Randall Ostrich Boots

Brown leather cowboy boots
Available at Lucchese Bootmaker

3. Deakin & Francis Longhorn Corkscrew

A silver longhorn corkscrew.
Available at Tenenbaum Jewelers

4. Polo Heritage Book

A maroon book with the title "Polo Heritage" with a black and white photo of two Polo players on horses.
Available at Assouline

5. Wyatt Cocktail Shaker

A silver cocktail shaker with a brown leather strap around it.
Available at Ralph Lauren

6. Glossy Printed Croc Cardholder

A glossy green crocodile wallet with gold words reading "Tom Ford Made in Italy."
Available at Tom Ford

Now that you’ve found a luxury groom’s gift, help him walk down the aisle in style with our guide to the perfect look for the groom.¬†Happy shopping!

“Luxury Groom’s Gifts To Make His Day Extra Special” Spotlight WiH Partner- Deakin & Francis Longhorn Corkscrew: Tenenbaum Jewelers

Contributors- Photography: Sean Thomas Photography / L’Objet / Lucchese Bootmaker / Deakin & Francis / Assouline / Ralph Lauren / Tom Ford

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