7 Wedding Registry Finds For The Coffee Connoisseur Couple

Silver espresso machine, chemex pour over glass, double walled mugs and a coffee recipe glass mug from Moma with text reading, "Style Guide: For Them" and a word bubble that reads, "For The Java Connoisseur Couple"

A cup of joe in the morning is crucial for every coffee-loving couple. Drinking your daily cup is just as important as making it, and having the right essentials can magically turn your kitchen into an at-home coffee shop.

From high-end espresso machines to temperature-controlled mugs, these seven hand-selected products featured in our latest magazine will make the perfect brew right at home. So ditch the morning coffee run and get inspired by these seven wedding registry items the coffee connoisseur couple is sure to love “a latte.”

Scroll on for seven java-inspired registry items perfect for your new home!

1. Barista-Styled Espresso Machine
High-end, quick and easy Breville Oracle Espresso Maker by Breville.
Breville Oracle Espresso Machine | Available at Bloomingdale’s 
2. Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker
Quick and easy CHEMEX Drip Glass Coffee Maker by CHEMEX.
Chemex drip coffee maker | Available at Bering’s
3. MoMa Approved Mug
Learn and create with the multipurpose Multi-ccino Mug by MoMa Design Store.
Multi-ccino Mug | Available at MoMa Design Store 
4. Nature-Inspired “Ivy & Oak” Creamer 
Silver Ivy and Oak Creamer by Michael Aram.
Ivy & Oak Creamer by Michael Aram | Available at Neiman Marcus
5. Double Wall Coffee Mugs 
Temperature regulated double wall glassware by Williams Sonoma.
Double Wall Glassware  | Available at Williams Sonoma
6. High-End Drip Coffee Maker 
Silver 12-cup drip coffee make by Zwilling Enfinigy.
Zwilling Enfiginy 48oz Coffee Maker | Available at Bering’s
7. Temperature Controlled Coffee Mug
Battery operated and temperature controlled gold coffee mug by ember.
Ember Mug 2 | Available at Williams Sonoma
Engaged and confused about registering for your wedding? Visit our wedding registry page or schedule a chat with one of the experts at Bering’s Hardware.Searching for more wedding registry advice and inspiration? Get inspired by our Pinterest board!
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