Astros’ Ryan Pressly Wedding Registry Party At Bering’s

Astros Ryan Pressly Wedding Registry Bering's Party
Ryan Pressly & Kat Rogers at Bering’s | Photo: Traci Ling

Celebrities: They’re just like us! Take, for example, Astros star reliever Ryan Pressly, who, along with fiancée Kat Rogers—herself a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader—had to make tough decisions about where to turn for their wedding invitations and gift registry. Their choice? Iconic Houston retailer Bering’s! Not only did the couple design their wedding invitation suite through Bering’s stationery department, but they turned registering for their wedding gifts into a full-on event, complete with bubbles, bites and fabulous photos by Traci Ling of their registry adventure, featured in this post. Also featured here: A sneak peek at the couple’s full Bering’s gift registry, plus our super-fun chat with bride Kat, who reveals how she and MLB-record-holder Ryan met, how they picked Bering’s for their invites and gifts, and what gifts she’s most excited about using as a newlywed, after the couple ties the knot this New Year’s Eve in Houston!

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Weddings in Houston: How did you and Ryan meet?

Kat Rogers: We met through Ryan’s agent, who I was working for at the time. He introduced us, and we chatted via text, phone calls and FaceTime for five months before we actually met in person! When we finally met, we had the most romantic first date ever. He took me to a pond close to his house in Dallas with a picnic blanket, barbecue, wine and fishing poles, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. He took me back to that same spot to propose. It was perfect! There were no cameras or people around. It was a special moment between just the two of us.

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WIH: How did you choose Bering’s for your wedding invitations and gift registry?

KR: I was stressed about my registry because it seemed very overwhelming. I was asking everyone I knew what I should do. The answer that I got repeatedly was Bering’s, because of their wide range of products. After checking it out myself and meeting the people at Bering’s, I knew it was the obvious choice!

WIH: What made you decide to turn your Bering’s wedding registry consultation into a full-on party?

KR: Let’s be honest, I knew I needed a lot of help registering. I had no idea what I would need or what I should ask for! So having a party seemed like the perfect way to get more people involved and get the help that I needed. I also really wanted Ryan to be a part of our registry, and he ended up having a blast choosing out items. Food and drinks always help, too!

WIH: Which of your Bering’s registry gifts are you most looking forward to putting to use as a newlywed?

KR: I’m extremely excited about my Le Creuset collection! I’m looking forward to spending more time in the kitchen, and the items that we selected are not only going to be necessary, but the blue color that we chose will make it even more fun! There are so many items that I didn’t expect to register for. From things like Yeti dog bowls, to the coolest wooden stools that we picked out for our ranch house, Bering’s was full of fun surprises. I can’t wait to put everything to use!

You can find more information on Bering’s, and schedule your invitation design or gift registry consultation, here! Make sure to follow us on Instagram, as we journey with Ryan and Kat down the path to I Do and check out their stunning New Year’s Eve wedding!

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