Exclusive Q + A With Houston’s Hottest Hair and Makeup Pros

A bride looks at the camera holding a bridal bouquet at The Four Seasons Hotel in Houston, TX.
Photo: Amy Maddox Photography | Makeup + Hair: Polished Makeup & Hair | Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Houston | Florals + Decor: Malleret Designs

Don’t be engaged and confused! If you are searching for the perfect look for the big day, our talented hair and makeup professionals are here to guide you.

From holy grail products to skincare, our MUAH professionals dish out the best advice on all things beauty. Keep scrolling for the exclusive interviews from Houston’s top hair and makeup professionals.

Polished Makeup + Hair
A bride getting her makeup and hair done by a Houston professional, Polished Makeup and Hair.
Photo: Amy Maddox Photography | Makeup + Hair: Polished Makeup and Hair | Venue: The Carriage House

Top Glam Products From a Professional: Temptu Airbrush Makeup | MAC Prolongwear Concealer | Kryolan Waterproofing Powder | Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray

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What products do you recommend for brides?
“Waterproof products are your best friend! Waterproof concealer, waterproof mascara, waterproof airbrush, long-lasting lip stain and anything else you can make waterproof. Skincare is just as important as makeup, don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize for super smooth and healthy skin.”

What does a bridal consultation look like at Polished Makeup and Hair?
“Bridal consultations are a great way to get a preview of how a bride will look on her special day. First, we’ll chat about favorite attributes, what to accentuate, concerns, and we’ll look at some inspirational photos before we start. Then, it’s time to create a customized look perfect for our bride’s needs. We consider face shape, dress neckline, skin tone, accessories, floral colors and other wedding day details. Once the hair and makeup are complete, we’ll show the full reveal, snap some photos, and ask if any adjustments/changes would be made. Typically bridal trials take about 2 hours at our studio. That’s not it, though! We give our brides homework after our trial; take photos in different types of lighting so you can look back and see if there is anything you’d like to change. Then, we’ll check in a few days after the trial to make sure you love the look; then the wedding day is easy peasy!”

What is your favorite part about doing a bride’s makeup?
“Our favorite part about doing a bride’s makeup is the confidence and joy we can bring out of someone on their wedding day. When a bride sees herself and is on the verge of crying because she loves it so much, we couldn’t ask for better approval. It’s an indescribable feeling when you can make someone feel more beautiful than ever in their own skin.”

Misty Rockwell Artistry
A bride stands by the mirror with her makeup and hair done in Houston, TX by Misty Rockwell Artistry.
Photo: RaeTay Photography | Makeup + Hair: Misty Rockwell Artistry | Venue: Crystal Ballroom at The Rice

Top Glam Products From a Professional: Kryolan Airbrush Makeup | Too Faced Born This Way Concealer | Liquid Lipstick Flirt Misty Rockwell Cosmetics | Elixir Liner Misty Rockwell Cosmetics | Ballerina Gloss Misty Rockwell Cosmetics

What products do you recommend for brides?
“We always recommend airbrush makeup for our brides because of its wearability and flawless coverage. For your wedding day, long-lasting products are key with a good setting spray. Liquid lipsticks are perfect for kissable lips, and our favorite lip combo is from our line in our liquid lipstick called Flirt, with our Elixir liner, topped with Ballerina gloss.”

What does a bridal consultation look like at Misty Rockwell Artistry?
“We hold all of our bridal consultations in our studio in Houston, TX. We love when the client brings in any inspirational photos to go over in-depth what the ideal look for your wedding day would be. Then, depending on your hair length and type, and the look and feel of your dress, we create a custom look for each bride.”

What is your favorite part about doing a bride’s makeup?
“I love getting to know all of my brides from the engagements to their bridals and then finally their big day.”

Caked Up With Riley
A bride smiles at the camera in front of a bright yellow wall. Her "bronde" hair is lose curled with a few pieces framing her face. Her makeup is glowy and natural, done by a makeup professional in Houston, TX.
Photo: Bailee Starr Photo | Makeup + Hair: Caked Up With Riley

Top Glam Products From a Professional: Hollywood Flawless Filter- Charlotte Tilbury | Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray- Charlotte Tilbury | Backstage Glow Palette- Dior Beauty | Soft Pop Blush stick- MAKEUP by Mario | Easy Bake Loose Powder- HUDA Beauty

The biggest tip you give brides for their wedding day?
“Definitely book a trial before your big day! It’s so easy to find filtered and over-edited pictures on the internet. Doing a trial is extremely important when looking for a bridal artist. It allows you to see your vision come to life and make the necessary changes to fit you best! Sometimes a trial happens, and you decide to completely change the look once you see it on yourself. It allows you and your artist to figure out what works best and help you achieve the PERFECT look.”

What does a bridal consultation look like at Caked Up With Riley?
“A bridal consultation with us is the ultimate glam experience. We study your skin type, color match you, and give you skin care tips to prepare you for your big day. While getting your makeup done, you’ll also be getting your hair done. We love the celebrity feel this gives our brides! We go into detail about YOUR desires and goal for the trial. We then document with pictures and product lists we keep on hand for the wedding day to make sure we recreate your custom bridal look.”

What is your favorite part about doing a bride’s makeup?
“I love enhancing their natural features and showing them that makeup doesn’t have to look super heavy or completely change their appearance.”

Janelle Alexis Salon
A bride is wearing gold sparkly eye shadow and her long brown hair is losely curled and half pulled back. She is holding a pink and gold bridal bouquet with flowers behind her.
Photo: Naheeda Spencer Photography | Makeup + Hair: Janelle Alexis Salon | Venue: Hyatt Regency Houston Florals + Decor: Mod Effect Events

Top Glam Products From a Professional: Oribe Hair Products | Kevin Murphy Products

What products do you recommend for brides?
“For brides, it really does depend on their hair and skin type. You really do not want to wash your hair on the day of. We recommend that all of our brides come in the day before, and we shampoo, blow-dry and prep hair for the following day. ”

The biggest tip you give brides for their wedding day?
“Give your phone to someone else. Also, if you retain water from alcohol, don’t drink a ton the day before and get a fair amount of sleep.”

What does a bridal consultation look like at Janelle Alexis Salon?
“The bride will fill out our virtual bridal consultation form first, and then we schedule an appointment for their hair and or just makeup. Bring pictures of what you want, and we will go through everything. You are looking at about a 2-hour appointment.”

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“Exclusive Q + A With Houston’s Hottest Hair and Makeup Pros” Spotlight Weddings in Houston Vendors – Polished Makeup & Hair | Misty Rockwell Artistry | Caked Up With Riley | Janelle Alexis Salon | Amy Maddox Photography | Naheeda Spencer Photography | Hyatt Regency Houston | Crystal Ballroom at The Rice | The Carriage House | The Four Seasons Hotel Houston

Contributing Vendors: RaeTay Photography / Bailee Starr Photo

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