Top 6 Wedding Florists We Love

Floral and decor designed and created by, The Events Company in Houston, Texas.
Photo: Alidabon Photo | Florist & Decor: The Events Company

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning the perfect wedding . . . and the blooming top six wedding florists in Houston, Texas, are here to help you create a once-in-a-lifetime event. From lavish floral arrangements and unique bridal bouquets to elegant wedding decorations and intimate reception details, these floral designers cater to every vision. Here are six of the most trusted wedding florists specializing in creating beautiful and unique blooms for your minimalist or extravagant wedding day.

Get inspired by Weddings in Houston’s six most trusted blooming florists in Houston and surrounding areas.

1. The Events Company

Vibrant floral arch designed and created by The Events Company in Houston, Texas.
Photo: Alidabon Photo | The Events Company

The Events Company offers turn-key service for luxurious weddings and memorable events. Their distinguished team offers everything you need for a grand event or gorgeous, intimate affair with floral arrangements, bridal bouquets, ceremony and reception decor and more.

2. Plants N’ Petals

White, pink and pastel floral centerpiece created and designed by Plants N' Petals.
Photo: Chris Bailey Photography | Floral & Decor: Plants N’ Petals

Plants N’ Petals has been providing gorgeous reception and ceremony decor, flowers, centerpieces, decor and floral arrangements for over three decades in Houston, Texas. Using your favorite colors and flowers, Plants N’ Petals can custom design luxurious floral centerpieces, floral walls, floral arches, stunning bridal bouquets and more for the perfect wedding day vision.

3. Malleret Designs

Purple, orange and pink florals designed and created by Malleret Designs located in Austin, Texas.
Photo: Jerry Hayes Photography | Florist & Decor: Malleret Designs

Malleret Designs is an atelier of floral and decorative design situated in Austin, Texas, that believes in maintaining the highest standard of quality. Whether it’s planning or designing for a wedding, engagement party, or a private dinner at your home, Malleret Designs is here to bring your style, aesthetic and vision to life through the art of design. Putting their clients first, Malleret Designs ensures their customer’s that they will deliver everything they’ve imagined and more.

4. Mod Effect Events

Neutral colored florals designed and created by Mod Effect Events located in Houston, Texas.
Photo: Esther Makau Photography | Florist & Decor: Mod Effect Events

The flowers and decor at your wedding reception will play a vital role when it comes to timing, atmosphere and overall ambiance. Mod Effect Events is a premier decor, rental and design company devoted to bringing your dream wedding vision to life. From intimate to grand weddings, Mod Effect Events adds a touch of elegance and perfection to every wedding.

Bloom and Grove exist to help tell your story through floral art and design. As a florist and design studio in Houston, Bloom and Grove commit themselves to helping you bring meaning to your special occasion by designing pieces to inspire, cherish and delight.

Yellow, white and green floral centerpiece created and designed by Pompom Florists.
Photo: Julie & Daniel Photography | Florist & Decor: Pompom Florists

Pompom Florists believe that flowers are not only an essential part of a wedding but an expression of true beauty. Pompom Florist’s aim is to provide fresh, beautiful and elegant arrangements for weddings, events and corporate needs. Their work aims to make a statement–a lasting impression is created through the perfect blend of color, texture and creativity.

“Top 6 Wedding Florists We Love” Spotlight WiH Partners – The Events Company | Plants N’ Petals | Malleret Designs | Mod Effect Events | Bloom and Grove| Pompom Florists 
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