Confessions of a Bride-To-Be: My Dream Proposal on Galveston Island

The couple get engaged on a Galveston beach for their dream proposal.
Photo: Lily Cox Photography

As the Production Coordinator at Weddings in Houston, I’ve been immersed in the world of epic love stories and elegant weddings. Little did I know that my love story would unfold in a magical setting. I’m Erin, 23 years old and a bride-to-be. Recently, on January 6, 2024, my high school sweetheart, Pierce, swept me off my feet with a breathtaking proposal on the shore of a Galveston beach. My dream proposal! Click here to read the rest of this post »

A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting Wedding Bands with Zadok Jewelers

The model wears a variety of wedding bands from Zadok Jewelers while holding a bouquet of roses.
Photo Courtesy of Zadok Jewelers | Jeweler: Zadok Jewelers

When making your wedding preparations, your wedding band deserves more than just a passing thought – it’s a symbol of everlasting commitment and undying love that shouldn’t be left to the last minute.

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