Confessions of a Bride-To-Be: My Dream Proposal on Galveston Island

The couple get engaged on a Galveston beach for their dream proposal.
Photo: Lily Cox Photography

As the Production Coordinator at Weddings in Houston, I’ve been immersed in the world of epic love stories and elegant weddings. Little did I know that my love story would unfold in a magical setting. I’m Erin, 23 years old and a bride-to-be. Recently, on January 6, 2024, my high school sweetheart, Pierce, swept me off my feet with a breathtaking proposal on the shore of a Galveston beach. My dream proposal!

Pierce and I’s journey began in high school, where we were both part of the same friend group. It wasn’t until our Junior year homecoming that sparks flew, ignited by a heartfelt conversation on the beach in Galveston, that I knew I had found my soulmate. From there, our bond only deepened as we navigated college at Louisiana State University, creating memories that would last a lifetime. After graduation, we planted our roots in Houston Heights, embarking on the adventure of adulthood together.

With a twinkle in his eye and a plan up his sleeve, Pierce orchestrated the perfect proposal, fulfilling my two non-negotiables: dressing nicely and having my nails done. Under the guise of a belated birthday lunch, Pierce led me along the Galveston shoreline outside of his family beach house, where a heart made of seashells awaited, a symbol of where it all began. He dropped to one knee with heartfelt words, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. As tears of joy streamed down my face, a hidden photographer photographed the moment, capturing our shared raw emotions and love. But the surprises didn’t end there. Pierce whisked me away back to Houston, where our families and college best friends awaited, ready to toast to our future together.

Despite my experience in the wedding industry and knowledge within the glossy pages of Weddings in Houston Magazine, I still have plenty of questions, just like you. As I embark on this journey toward our dream wedding, I invite you to join me as I navigate through the unknown, offering guidance and inspiration every step of the way. Stay tuned for more content as we prepare to say, “I do.”

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The couple walk along the beach to a heart made out of seashells for their dream proposal.

The boyfriend gets down on one knee and asks his girlfriend to marry him on the beach in Galveston.

The girl cries after saying "yes" to her dream proposal on the beach in Galveston.

The couple hug on the beach after getting engaged.

The couple kiss on the beach surrounded by seashells in the shape of a heart.

The couple smile while hugging after their dream proposal in Galveston.

The couple smile as the celebrate their engagement on the beach.

The boy kisses his fiancée on the cheek after their dream proposal.

The couple walk along the beach embracing one another after their dream proposal in Galveston.

“Confessions of a Bride-To-Be: My Dream Proposal on Galveston Island”

Contributors- Photo: Lily Cox Photography

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