Black, White And Champagne Modern Boho Wedding

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Photo: Madeline Shea Photography

Emily and Nicolas met when Nicolas was overseeing a soccer league and training the kids Emily was a nanny to. He was known as the “Hot Cuban Soccer Coach” and she was called “Romper Girl” because Emily started dressing cuter in hopes of Nicolas noticing her…and it worked! “I knew from almost the first moment that he would be my husband.” On Sept. 10, 2019, Nicolas proposed to Emily with a beautiful custom designed oval solitaire ring on a beach in Costa Maya in the presence of his family.

Emily, being a fabulous wedding photographer, has seen countless variations of color palettes, themes and ideas, so for her very own wedding she notes, “I wanted to mix in the slightest bit of boho in our otherwise modern and simplistic wedding theme. We ended up with touches of black to contrast the neutrals, white, champagne and blush.” The couple said their vows amidst 80 loved ones in an intimate al fresco ceremony before commencing with a joyous indoor reception. The biggest obstacle the couple faced while planning their fall wedding was “Just trying to make sure that, even during Covid, we were being as safe as possible, but still got to have the wedding of our dreams. It was so tiring planning the wedding, but when the wedding day finally came, none of it mattered and it was the most beautiful and perfect day!”

Join us in wishing this gorgeous Houston couple a lifetime of love and scroll down to swoon over this modern boho wedding. Congratulations, Emily & Nicolas!

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Guest Post: Brides Tell All in Latest David’s Bridal “Whats on Brides’ Minds” Survey

Guest Post: Brides Tell All in Latest David's Bridal "Whats on Brides' Minds" Survey

Photo: Awake Photography

While June marks the most traditional time of year to be married, this survey proves that the modern bride is anything but traditional – saying “okay” to former pre-marital taboos like buying a home and starting a family, fitting in one last fling before the ring or choosing a more comedic emcee to deliver the Best Man speech.  And an important note for those who will be attending as guests – don’t fret if you’re flying solo the day of, as 52 percent of recently married brides had guests hook up at their weddings.

First comes real estate, then comes marriage?

Back in the day, there was a perceived order on how a couple should start their lives together.  A big white wedding, setting up a home together and THEN having a baby.  But times have changed.  Although it may make our grandparents cringe, the modern bride believes it is okay to do things a bit “out of order.”

When asked what they thought was acceptable before marriage, brides proved they were less than traditional with 93 percent saying things that were once thought of as being taboo are now okay.

  • Living Single: A whopping 82 percent said living together before saying “I do” was totally fine.
  • Real Estate Partners: If you are living together, what about buying a home? Not a problem before tying the knot according to 56 percent of women.
  • Banking Buddies: Having a joint checking account prior to marching down the aisle is supported by 45 percent of brides.
  • Consummation Appreciation: 72 percent said having sex before marriage is acceptable.
  • Newborn Before Nuptials: 38 percent of respondents supported the idea of baby carriages before marriage.

Name Recognition

But fear not – the modern bride has not abandoned all traditions; most brides are saying “I do” to taking their husbands’ names.

  • 71 percent of brides have or will be taking their partner’s last name after the wedding, and another 17 percent will hyphenate her name.

A girl may dream about her wedding, but it’s the fantasies that are more fun!  According to the David’s Bridal “What’s On Brides’ Minds” survey, brides and brides-to-be can have a bit of a scandalous side…

Final Rendezvous Before “I Do”

Before she walks down the aisle, would the bride have one last romantic fling before the ring? According to the survey, many would if they could!

  • So who would they want to canoodle with? 44 percent of survey respondents said they would love a chance to be with their celebrity crush, while 17 percent admitted to wanting one last fling with their ex! Even more shocking…5 percent of women (GASP!) would pick the best man for their last hurrah!

A Celeb Toast with the Most

Let’s be honest – the best man’s speech can make or break the wedding reception.  One bad toast can set the mood for the rest of the night, so why not ensure a speech that has everyone in stitches?  If they had their pick, brides would love a celebrity funny man to deliver the big toast, with the most requested best men as follows:

  • Comedy vet Will Ferrell got the most love with 34 percent of the vote!
  • Coming in a close second, seasoned award show host Neil Patrick Harris snagged 26 percent of the votes.
  • Rounding out the list were “sexiest man alive” Adam Levine* with 20 percent, “Tonight Show” leading man Jimmy Fallon with 15 percent and movie heartthrob Chris Pine with 5 percent.

(*remember, 5 percent of women would want their last fling with the Best Man.  Hmmm…)

Love on the Dance Floor

Okay single ladies – rumor has it that the best place to meet someone is at a wedding, so if you are still looking for “the one,” RSVP “yes” this summer.  Attending someone’s nuptials might be a more effective way to couple up than online dating.  Maybe the next invitation will be for you “plus guest!”

  • A majority of respondents (52%) said they had guests “hook up” at their wedding. Love is in the air!

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Eugenia Couture 2014 Bridal Collection

Simply gorgeous is how we’d describe the new 2014 bridal collection from the mother-daughter design team at Eugenia Couture. Starting with classic silhouettes, Eugenia Couture adds delicate bits of sparkle, diaphanous overlays and sheer-illusion touches, along with exquisite lace and sumptuous beading, for an array of wedding gowns that are just made (and made in the USA in a zero-waste process, at that!) for the modern bride. Though the closest you’ll find them to Houston is in Dallas, for NOW, we predict that demand for these beautiful wedding dresses will ensure that they find their way into a local salon soon enough. For now…feast your eyes!

Photos: Eugenia Couture