An Intimate Bohemian Wedding Captured by Nicole Johanna Photography

The bride and groom kiss under a floral arch at their bohemian wedding.
Photo: Nicole Johanna Photography

Kelley and Giulio first met at a festive holiday party, where they instantly clicked. Forging a friendship over the years, they gravitated toward each other at social gatherings, not yet realizing their true feelings. When COVID hit and the world slowed, the two finally had quality time to bond. Kelley took it upon herself to ask Giulio’s brother about his true intentions, hoping for more. Giulio soon asked Kelley on a proper date, sparking their romantic journey.¬†

On their anniversary, Kelley arrived home to rose petals leading to Giulio and their dog Baxter. Giulio had a special surprise, with Baxter wearing a collar with a little black box. “In true Giulio style, the proposal was so romantic and absolutely perfect,” the bride says.

The couple wed on October 15, in an alfresco garden ceremony decorated with twinkling lights and bohemian decor. Deep jewel tones in burgundy, emerald, sapphire, and amethyst composed their rich color palette. Kelley walked down the aisle wearing sentimental jewelry from her mother-in-law. “It was very special,” the bride says. Nicole Johanna Photography perfectly captured all the magical moments from their nuptials.

A special highlight from the couple’s special day? The groom singing Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” to his bride in English and Italian.

Congratulations, Kelley & Giulio!

The bride gets her makeup done for her bohemian wedding in Houston.

A flat lay of the bride's accessories and shoes for her wedding day in Houston.

Nicole Johanna Photography takes a picture of the bride and her bridesmaids as they get ready.

A flat lay of the brides gold accessories for her bohemian wedding day.

The bride and her bridesmaids pose with their wedding bouquets of dark flowers.

The bride and groom's dog wears a collar with flowers for their wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom hold hands at the alter at their outdoor wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom celebrate as they hold hands walking down the aisle as newlyweds.

Burgundy flowers and greenery detail the floral arrangements for the bohemian wedding.

An assortment of alcohol line the shelves of the bar at the bride and groom's Houston wedding.

Chandeliers and paper lanterns decorate the reception space for the bohemian wedding.

The bride and groom share a kiss at their outdoor wedding reception.

Burgundy colored napkins detail the reception tables.

Glass candle holders hang from the tress at the bride and groom's wedding reception.

The bride and groom dance under the twinkling lights at their outdoor wedding reception.

“An Intimate Bohemian Wedding Captured by Nicole Johanna Photography” WiH Spotlight Partner- Photo: Nicole Johanna Photography¬†

Contributors- Avant Garden / Gaby Salinas / George Street Photography & Video / Mistry Rockwell Artistry / Kim Solis 

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