A Scenic California Coast Engagement by Sean Thomas Photography

The woman looks into the mans eyes during their California coast engagement by Sean Thomas Photography.
Photo: Sean Thomas Photography

Nestled along the breathtaking California central coast, Sean Thomas Photography captures a couple’s love story along the majestic Big Sur coastline. This scenic wonder, where the Pacific Ocean meets rugged cliffs, forms a breathtaking backdrop for this old Hollywood-inspired engagement session.

Drawing inspiration from the classic allure of vintage Hollywood, the couple’s engagement session was inspired to echo elegance and romance. The couple donned chic, refined attire to capture the elegance of this bygone era in Hollywood. The glistening waters and the rugged green cliffs provided an idyllic setting as they journeyed down the scenic stretch of coastline in a classic baby blue Mercedes. The classic car, framed by the ocean’s shimmer and the grandeur of the rocky mountains, brought a sophisticated charm to the couple’s portraits.

This engagement session captures the heart of the couple’s love story, blending the splendor of nature with a touch of vintage elegance.¬†Continue scrolling to see more breathtaking moments from this scenic California coast engagement.

The woman stands along the California shoreline wearing preppy clothing at her engagement session with Sean Thomas Photography.

The couple stand beside an old Mercedes on the California coastline.

The man walks beside the vintage Mercedes along the coastline of Big Sur in California.

An ariel photo of a vintage blue Mercedes driving on a bridge over the California coastal mountains.

The man drives the vintage Mercedes at their California shoreline engagement session with Sean Thomas Photography.

The couple hold hands as the walk along the shoreline of their engagement session by Sean Thomas Photography.

The couple look each other in the eye at their California engagement session.

The couple hold hands as they walk across the rocks on the California coastline.

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“A Scenic California Coast Engagement by Sean Thomas Photography”

Contributors- Photo: Sean Thomas Photography

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