A Classic Black & White Persian Wedding at the Sans Souci Ballroom

The bride and groom hold hands outside their Persian wedding at the Sans Souci Ballroom.
Photo: Dream Photo & Video | Venue, Lighting & Decor: Sans Souci Ballroom

Niloofar and Elyad’s journey began in 2017, orchestrated by the hands of fate through mutual friends. What started as a casual acquaintance swiftly blossomed into a deep and meaningful friendship. Their first date, set in the cozy ambiance of a Midtown cafe, laid the foundation for the enduring bond. While on their date, they delved into shared interests, from their favorite TV shows to their mutual appreciation for Persian culture. From that moment on, they became inseparable.

In August 2021, Elyad orchestrated a picturesque proposal against the breathtaking backdrop of South Lake Tahoe. Understanding Niloofar’s love for capturing the beauty of sunsets, Elyad led her toward the beach under the guise of a spontaneous picture. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Elyad dropped to one knee and asked Niloofar to marry him.

On May 6, 2023, Niloofar and Elyad exchanged vows in a traditional Persian ceremony at the exquisite Sans Souci Ballroom. Prior to the ceremony, the couple shared special first-look moments with their loved ones, each filled with emotion and anticipation. Niloofar’s mother meticulously crafted the Sofreh, infusing it with pieces from Iran passed down by her grandmother. “Each item carried with it a piece of our heritage, weaving a tapestry of memories that will forever be cherished,” the bride says.

The couple’s wedding reception exuded elegance and sophistication, with black and white decor, floating candles and lush floral arrangements adorning the venue. Against the backdrop of laughter and music, Niloofar and Elyad danced the night away, surrounded by their cherished friends and family. A special moment from the evening was the couple’s private last dance, shared with Niloofar’s grandmother. “It was a poignant and intimate moment, one where time seemed still as we danced in the glow of her affectionate gaze,” the bride says.

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Congratulations, Niloofar & Elyad!

Black, white and gold wedding stationery and invitations for the couple's Persian wedding.

The bride stands on the staircase at the wedding venues, Sans Souci Ballroom.

The groom gets ready for his Persian wedding ceremony at the Sans Souci Ballroom.

The bridesmaids help the bride and adjust the train on her wedding dress.

The groom hugs his mother at their first-look before the Persian wedding ceremony.

The bride wipes her tears away during her first-look with her father.

The Sofreh for the couple's Persian wedding ceremony is decorated in trinkets from Iran from the brides grandmother.

The bride and her father walk down the aisle for the black and white Persian wedding at the Sans Souci Ballroom.

The bride and groom light a candle on the Sofreh for their Persian wedding.

A black and white Persian wedding at the Sans Souci Ballroom.

The wedding party celebrate behind the newlyweds after their wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom share a kiss at their wedding venue, the Sans Souci Ballroom.

The Sans Souci Ballroom is decorated in black, white and gold accents.

White flowers, black accents and candles decorate the reception tables.

Pillar candles and floral centerpieces decorate the reception tables at the wedding venue, Sans Souci Ballroom.

The bride and groom cut into their wedding cake at their reception.

The couple dance on the dance floor with their wedding guests.

The bride and groom share a private last dance at the end of the evening.

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