6 Unique Gifts For Your Best Gals

They’ve given their time, money and support in preparation for your big day. Show your appreciation to the lovely ladies of your bridal party with stylish bridesmaid gifts they’ll love receiving, and love using for years to come!

Instax Mini

Fuji Film Instax Mini Camera
Photo: Amazon

Polaroid’s mega-popular new take on it’s classic instant camera turns awesome pre-wedding photo ops into…awesome pre-wedding photos. Instantly!!

Engraved Bracelets

Custom Engraved Metal Bracelets
Photo: SNDJ via Etsy

Engrave each bridesmaid’s bracelet with her name, or a meaningful word or phrase, for a gift she’ll wear with love, gratitude and style, for years to come.

Mirror Compacts

Floral Name Mirror Compacts
Photo: ModParty via Etsy

Perfect for popping into their sweet b’maid clutch (see below), personalized or monogrammed compacts are as a chic as they are indispensable.


Assorted Davie and Chiyo Bridesmaids Clutches
Photo: Davie and Chiyo

Every girl loves a good clutch. And every bridesmaid deserves a handy handbag for storing her touch-up tools, so she’ll look her very best in your cherished wedding photos!

Pashmina Shawl

Pashima Cashmere Shawl
Photo: The Wool Company

Warm, feminine, foldable, color-coordinated–the pashmina endures as a favorite bridesmaid gift, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Battery Bank

Rose Gold Kate Spade Battery Pack
Photo: Kate Spade

Keep your bridesmaids charged up with this gift, and styled out, with a fashionable battery bank, like this rose-gold cutie from HWB favorite, Kate Spade!

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