6 Sweet Proposal Stories - And That Bling!

By Natasha Garber | Make Favorite

Photo: Emily Ely Photography
Jewelry: Loggins Jewelers

1. Brittany & Taylor
Jeweler: Diamond Cellar - Donoho’s Jewellers
Brittany’s Story: “In 2013, we were staying at a quaint little hotel near the Eiffel Tower, where we had planned an 8 a.m. Eiffel Tower tour—Taylor had told me he wanted me to look nice, so we could take some pictures beforehand. Around 7 a.m., a photographer walked by offering to take pictures of us—and it turned out that Taylor had been talking to this photographer and had coordinated this whole plan. I had no idea. The photographer’s line was, ‘The lighting is perfect now,’ and that is when Taylor got on his knee and asked me to marry him. After my huge, ‘Yes,’ we did a photo shoot around Paris, and then stayed a few nights and upgraded to a five-star hotel. The proposal is a true reflection of how thoughtful and romantic Taylor is, and we couldn’t be more blessed to have found each other.”

2. Kari & Anderson

Jeweler: Zadok Jewelers
Kari’s Story: “We went to New York City in October 2015, for a quick weekend getaway. We absolutely love New York and it was the first place Anderson had told me he was in love with me, just one year prior. It was Halloween weekend, the Mets were in the World Series, and the New York City marathon was taking place, all during the same weekend. Little did I know that on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 30, we would stroll through Central Park on the most beautiful day imaginable, and that Anderson would get down on one knee in the middle of the green lawn and ask me to marry him! It was the most exciting weekend in the city, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect engagement. Shortly after, we called our family and best friends, went ice-skating in Central Park, and celebrated until late in the night on our hotel’s rooftop terrace overlooking the Empire State Building.”

3. Taylor & Christopher

Jeweler (his band): Lewis Jewelers
Taylor’s Story: “In December 2015, we drove to the Hill Country. Christopher had told me we were going away for the weekend, and just to pack a small bag. We drove to our hotel, and had dinner and drinks beside a campfire, with a beautiful sunset in the background. After dinner, we moved to another campfire along the Colorado River for more drinks. That is where Christopher got down on one knee and popped the question. There was no one around but the two of us. It was absolutely perfect! And while our long-distance planning was difficult, our Hill Country wedding was absolutely breathtaking.”

4. Avery & Andrew

Jeweler: Loggins Jewelers
Avery’s Story: “Andrew and I met in the summer of 2013, two years after he moved to Texas from Tennessee, and shortly after I graduated college. I was about to start graduate school, with no intentions of dating, but two months later we ran into each other again at my cousin’s house where we were watching an Aggie game.
We went to College Station the following weekend, and, of course, were the only two in our group that didn’t have tickets for the game. We went on our first date the following Tuesday, and were engaged two years later.
During the first few months of dating, I lost my mom to breast cancer. I am so grateful to have had Andrew’s strength during that time, and now more grateful that he was able to know my sweet mom before she passed away. Loggins Jewelers worked with Andrew to perfectly design my ring with my mom’s diamond. I suppose I am forever thankful to Aggie football for bringing the two of us together!”

5. Nisha & Puneet

Jeweler: Nazar’s Fine Jewelry
Nisha’s Story: “It’s an Indian tradition for the guy to get permission and blessings from the girl’s father before he decides to take the next step in life, and that’s exactly what Puneet did. In June 2014, when Puneet graduated from his residency program, I went to meet his family for the first time and he officially told them that we were ready to take the next step in our relationship. Later that month, he flew to Houston to come see me, and while I was at work, he talked to my dad about our relationship. After Puneet went back to Detroit, our parents talked to each other and arranged our engagement date.
Our first engagement was in Detroit on Sept. 6, 2014, at his house with close friends and family. At the engagement, he got on his knees, pulled out the ring and proposed. I’m the type of girl that likes things done extravagantly, except this time I was extremely happy that this was very personal—and, more importantly, traditional. A month later we had an engagement party in Houston, and once again he got on his knees and proposed, this time in front of the entire crowd. Exactly one year later, at our wedding, he got down on his knees while putting on my band and proposed again. I didn’t get a regular proposal once or a special proposal twice—I got an extraordinary proposal three times.”

6. Jatin & Jenny

Jeweler: Eklektic Jewelry Studio
Jatin’s Story: “On a trip to Napa, Jenny and I roamed through beautiful vineyards, and when it felt just right, I dropped to one knee and I popped the question, with a temporary, simple band made of gold and studded with small diamonds—I planned to bring Jenny back to a jeweler to let her pick something she really loved. But once we returned to our home in Houston, our ring shopping became delayed, and then something entirely unexpected happened: Our apartment caught on fire. We lost everything, including our beloved pet. It was a tough time in our lives, and when everything finally calmed down, our perspectives on a lot of things in life had changed.
Jenny and I were going through what few belongings had survived the fire. Amongst them was a beautiful tanzanite stone that I had purchased while on a global health surgical trip in Tanzania, Africa. We visited Eklektic Jewelry Studio, who immediately won us over with their obvious genius and excellence in design, shown through custom works displayed throughout their studio.
After several back and forth design revisions, Eklektic invited us to see the 3D printouts of our ring design. They inserted the tanzanite and the diamonds into the wax model, and we knew it was perfect. They also melted down Jenny’s original band to morph it into an even more beautiful, simple, matching band that Jenny now wears routinely to work.
For our marriage, Jenny surprised me with a ring of my own, made by Eklektic from our mothers’ donated gold. It is a beautiful gold ring, with Jenny’s electrocardiogram tracing (her heartbeat) engraved into the ring. For a heart-surgeon-to-be, what could be better than my beloved’s heart forever beating on my wedding band?”

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