The Meekermark


The Meekermark is the newest and most unique Houston area wedding venue. Built from a reconstructed circa 1830 barn of reclaimed wood and designed by a family of wedding photographers, the venue itself boasts natural vintage-meets-modern beauty.

 The entire surrounding property has been designed with wedding photos in mind. After decades of experience capturing weddings in a plethora of settings, a family of wedding photographers and videographers designed The Meekermark, taking what they learned about what looks amazing in person and in wedding photos, and incorporated it all into one beautiful, custom-built venue.

 The MeekerMark is the perfect wedding venue for the day of your event… and to enjoy in wedding photos for years to come!

 The MeekerMark has dozens of intimate spaces and gorgeous vignettes throughout the property, providing the perfect backdrop for every special moment. Host your ceremony under the lush mature trees with floating windows and soaring white vaulted beams creating an open-air chapel in the forest. Sip signature cocktails beneath the stars in our incredible and unique outdoor wedding space. Or, host your reception indoors within the modern vintage-decorated reclaimed-wood barn.

The Meekermark is truly a one-of-a-kind venue with a helpful team of professionals ready to make your wedding planning a breeze. Message or call to discuss your wedding plans or to book at tour at The Meekermark.

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