Kristin Johnston Bridal Tailoring


"Fantastic!" "A Perfect Fit!" "I had such a wonderful experience with Kristin Johnston." These are a few things that my clients are saying after working with me, and the feeling of satisfaction is mutual. I provide my clients with more than just a perfectly tailored gown; I offer a genuine, low-stress and personal alterations experience. This is very important to me.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with a strong dance costuming background and over 25 years of professional bridal tailoring experience allows me to offer brides exactly what I know is possible: a beautifully tailored wedding gown that will provide support, look stunning, and "stay in place" all evening long, regardless of body type or activity level.

Offering fittings by appointment only ensures that each client receives my undivided attention and allows us to discuss the bride's vision and review other considerations specific to her preferences, gown, and event. Thus, each client receives my personal attention.

I offer the following services:

• Basic wedding gown alternations
• Extensive wedding gown alterations and gown tailoring
• Semi-custom wedding gowns and dresses
• Vintage reconstruction, upcycling and reworking of existing bridal gowns
• Bridesmaids alterations and hemming

Please don't hesitate to contact me today--I love what I do, and so will you!

Client Testimonials

"Kristin is a MIRACLE WORKER. I came to her with a wedding dress multiple sizes too big and wanted to add custom lace sleeves to the dress as well. Not only did Kristin tailor the large dress until it fit my body like a glove and gave me a rocking hourglass figure, but she added the most beautiful lace sleeves I have ever seen onto my dress. You can't even tell the dress started out strapless because her alterations are so seamless. Kristin isn't your average tailor who does what you request and nothing more, even if the look of your garment requires otherwise. She went above and beyond and spent time on every little detail. She added buttons to the inner wrists of my sleeves, spent a whole fitting going over each lace piece and where I wanted them to lie on my arms, added loops in the corset back to thread my strapless bra though so it would be hidden, and created color-coded bustle ribbons so my Maid of Honor can bustle my dress. Kristin's appointments have been such a highlight of my wedding experience! She took away my worries and created something better than I could have imagined. I can't recommend her enough to every Houston bride!"— Alexandra

"Absolutely the greatest! Kristin was so helpful throughout the entire process. She did things that I didn't know were possible. I didn't want to go just anywhere for alterations due to the amount of lace on my dress; however, Kristin handled the challenge perfectly. I could not have been happier, and I would recommend her to everyone I know." — Patti

"You really shouldn't do any further research... she's it. I was utterly blown away by Kristin's attention to detail and handiwork. I had my Mother's wedding gown revamped (sleeves cut off and shortened to a cocktail dress). Kristin did so with the most incredible attention to detail and concern/care for its vintage state. Not to mention my wedding gown alterations: AMAZING! She is unmatched with her needle and thread." — Annie