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Nobody loves her bling more than a Texas bride. But today’s tough economy has put a damper on many a gal’s diamond dreams. So it is with great excitement that we direct you to Adorn Brides. If you think you can’t afford red-carpet diamonds for your white-wedding day, Houston bride, Adorn is here to tell you, “Yes you can!”

Adorn’s selection of jewelry for rent includes pendant necklaces, chandelier and drop earrings, and bangle and cuff bracelets. These are extraordinary pieces with retail values that range from $5,000 to more than $100,000—and you can “borrow” them for a tiny fraction of the price. How’d you like to sport the spectacular Spencer Necklace—a brilliant lace-pattern drop necklace featuring clusters of round bezel diamonds that sells for almost $10,000? Well you can, for a few days at least, for a mere $360 (including insurance!).

Spencer Necklace at
Spencer Necklace at

Looking for a serious statement piece? You can’t do much better than the gorgeous Adkins Pendant—an Art-Deco-inspired diamond beauty. To buy the $7,300 Adkins necklace, you might have to give up a little something—like, say, your gown. But if you’ve got $190, you can rent it from Adorn, and wear it with, rather than instead of, your dream dress. Another $190 gets you the matching earrings.

Adkins Necklace at
Adkins Necklace at

Adorn items are shipped to arrive two days prior to your wedding, leaving lots of time to admire your borrowed bling. Can’t find what you like on the Adorn site? “If a customer doesn’t find exactly what they are looking for, we encourage them to call us. Often times we are able to access more jewelry styles and options then are listed on the Web site,” says Adorn vice president of marketing Laura Carrington. What a gem!

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