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Register Right: The Dish from Entertaining Expert Jorge Perez + Waterford Crystal GIVEAWAY!!

The Dish from Entertaining Expert Jorge Perez

Registering for your wedding is one of the most purely enjoyable parts of the planning process. But all that heady, fantasy-fulfilling pleasure can lead to, shall we say, lapses in judgment. That ultra-modern industrial-steel salad bowl might not look so slick when it’s off the store display table…and on yours. And 32 “As Seen on TV” kitchen gadgets…but no elegant china for entertaining? Is that kind of setup really going to serve you well?

To help us—and you—sort through the best practices and potential pitfalls of registering for your wedding, we turned to one of the foremost experts in the business of stylish entertaining and gracious good living (who just happens to be one of our very favorite friends in the wedding world): Waterford Wedgwood national spokesperson and bridal director Jorge Perez.

Read, learn…register right! And make sure to a) “Like” us on Facebook, b) Drop your comment, right here on this post, letting us know  your first name, the date and location of your Houston wedding, and the one GIFT ITEM YOU’RE MOST EXCITED ABOUT REGISTERING FOR (any brand or type), for your chance to win this month’s giveaway. Ten–count ’em, TEN–lucky brides will each score a stunning pair of Waterford Mondavi Chardonnay glasses! ENTRY DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26. Winners will be announced FRIDAY, OCT. 28 on Facebook!!

Houston Wedding Blog: What should a to-be-wed couple do before creating their registry list?

Jorge Perez: Couples should start by agreeing upon their combined style. He may want geometrics and you may want florals. He has a beaten up leather La-Z-Boy from his frat house…and you do not. You need to compromise, and find a style that is not yours and not his, but a combined style.

You also need to take an inventory of what you already have so you can create a list of what you need. If you’re already living together, or you already have a lot of your own stuff, but it’s a little older, a register is a great place to upgrade.

Consider your entertaining style and make sure to register for all the items you’ll need to entertain for years to come.

And definitely discuss which areas of the registry each of you wants to decide about. You might love the kitchen, he might want to command the decisions on barware or bedding. Have a discussion, and let him know: “Honey, you’re so much better at that area.”

HWB: How should a couple decide where to register—and how many different retailers should they register with?

JP: I recommend that you look for retailers that provide registry and completion rewards. Registry rewards mean that you can gain credit or dollars within the store for your registry. Registry completion rewards mean that the store offers gifts for completing your registry. For example, if you register for 12 items and complete 12 items, you get a free platter. Make sure to take advantage of all the great offers out there.

And don’t register at more than three places—more just makes it difficult to manage, and you don’t end up with complete sets. Personally, I love one-stop registering, where one retailer has most of the things you’re looking for.

And try to stick to a national retailer with online services. It’s easier for you to manage, and easier for guests to buy you what you want.

HWB: What are some of the key items every couple should include on their registry list?

JP: There is nothing more luxurious than a beautifully made bed and a fabulous set of towels. Make sure to register for enough sets so that you can change them out often.

If you’re planning to entertain a lot, don’t forget your china serving pieces! A good way to know what you’ll need is to plan a future dinner party in your head. Write down a menu of what you’ll be serving. That will dictate how many and what serving pieces you’ll need. The menu always dictates the table service. Remember, your table is your label, so make sure yours says a lot about you.

HWB: Speaking of entertaining—can you share some of your best tips for registering for china and crystal?

JP: When selecting china, make sure to register for fine bone china. The Vera Wang grosgrain pattern by Waterford Wedgwood, for instance, is wonderful, because it’s the strongest stuff there is in the dinnerware category, and it is sure to become a family heirloom. For crystal, I recommend registering for two patterns, one for everyday, like grilling or hanging out with friends, and another more dressed-up pattern for special occasions like Friday night. For a luxury bar, I insist on Waterford’s Lismore pattern. It’s what I have at home. I think everyone should live a crystal life!

HWB: What should a couple bring with them when they meet with a registry consultant in-store?

JP: Meeting with a bridal consult, bring your groom and let him register for the category he loves, like bar or small electronics. His opinion counts too. And definitely bring tear sheets of home decor and style ideas. It’s also important that you bring an open mind, since a consultant can help in figuring out what’s best for you.

HWB: Any registry pitfalls or common mistakes a couple should avoid?

JP: Don’t take too many people to your registry appointment. This way, you’ll avoid too many opinions. Another common mistake is not registering for enough. My magic number is service for 12 in all pieces you’ll use most, such as dinnerware, stemware and flatware.

HWB: The last word on registering right?

JP: This is the only time in your life that everyone around you is buying you gifts, so register for the good stuff! Look at it as your opportunity to collect jewelry for your new home: candlesticks, vases, bowls, frames, decorative accessories, etc.

In general, always register for quality brands with enduring style, and you’ll never go wrong!

HWB: Thank you so much, Jorge…for the awesome advice, and for the stunning Waterford Mondavi Crystal Wineglasses. We can’t WAIT to give them away!

Waterford Crystal Giveaway ~ Houston Wedding Blog


Lord Wedgwood & Jorge Perez Dish from Bering’s

Lord Wedgwood & Jorge Perez

If you happened to pop over to Bering’s on Friday or Saturday, June 18-19, you no doubt caught a glimpse of the future of fine china and crystal. For two gleaming, glittering, gorgeous days, Houston’s emporium of elegance hosted Lord Wedgwood, of the famed British china dynasty, accompanied by Waterford Wedgwood international spokesperson and arbiter of entertaining excellence Jorge Perez. Big thanks to Bering’s for pairing with Rolls-Royce to bring this terrific twosome to Houston!

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we snagged an exclusive chat with Perez and Lord Wedgwood, who dished on serving platters, teapots and such, and told us why today’s tabletop registry is all about breaking free of the “china prison” (Perez’s cute term for grandma’s hands-off china hutch). Here’s what we learned:

Lord Wedgwood: Registering for your wedding is not just saying something looks pretty. Yes, it looks pretty, but you should also be able to say, “Wow, we can use it for this and this and this.” Wedgwood has been at this game for 250-plus years, and the reason we’re still in business is based on the legacy of a number of things. One of them is quality. And quality absolutely illustrates that this is something that can be used multiple ways for time immemorial.

Jorge Perez: There is nothing like a Houston bride. These are world-class brides. They’ve had great parenting, and this region of the country is one that still entertains with style. It’s in their blood. We also know that with brides today, they have so much going on in their lives. Registering is a point in time when a bride stops and takes time to think about the future. We may not be the sexy part of wedding planning, like the cake or the venue. But we are about life after the wedding. We’re here to inspire a bride to think about why she might need a teacup. It’s not just for tea. A tea cup can be used for tapas, spicy sauces, holding flowers or serving soup in. We’re here to give brides permission to use these things in many different ways, so you can use that china that your parents or grandparents left in the hutch too long. Get it out of that “china prison!”

Lord Wedgwood: Entertaining is all about creating atmosphere and ambiance. In so many instances, that is so critical to the whole experience. Even the food can be relatively mediocre, as long as you’ve created the right ambiance with lighting, flowers and the right kind of accessories. It just requires a little bit of thought. And if you have put that thought into your registry, then you’re able to draw from the things that are there.

Jorge Perez: And that ambiance we’re talking about really begins at curbside. That’s where your guests should start feeling this incredible evening coming on. And that table, make sure it’s real for you. Don’t set your table for a photo shoot, set it for the purpose of evening. And remember, there are no rules. We just want you to enjoy yourself. Do, though, try to keep the centerpieces low, and the candles and flowers fragrance-free. Also, one of the things we love to advise at Waterford Wedgwood is always do something unexpected. Guests might not remember the meal, but they will remember the experience. So turn that Waterford glass upside down and use it for a votive. Pour the soup out of a coffeepot into a cup and saucer. Your guests will remember that forever. It’s really all about doing simple things in a fabulous way.

Jorge Perez will return to the Houston Wedding Blog to offer his top registry tips in just a few weeks. Trust us, you won’t want to make your list till you check this post…twice. We’ll announce it on Facebook and Twitter when we post, so stay tuned!

For a full gallery of event photos, visit Bering’s bridal blog

Waterford Wedgwood Event


A Waterford Wedgwood Weekend? WOW!

Jorge Perez Lord Wedgwood Bering's

One legendary landmark retailer + two iconic arbiters of gracious entertaining = a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Houston brides. This Friday and Saturday Lord Wedgwood–yes that Lord Wedgwood–joins Waterford Wedgwood national spokesperson Jorge Perez for two exclusive events at Bering’s. On Friday from 5:30-8 p.m., Lord Wedgwood talks china, crystal and the art of entertaining, and signs Wedgwood products purchased at this event, a benefit for the Junior League of Houston. On Saturday, Lord Wedgwood and Jorge Perez welcome brides and their guests for a delightful few hours of dishing on dishes–and platters and crystal and tea service. Champagne will be involved in both events. And so will we. Join us?