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Register Right: The Dish from Entertaining Expert Jorge Perez + Waterford Crystal GIVEAWAY!!

The Dish from Entertaining Expert Jorge Perez

Registering for your wedding is one of the most purely enjoyable parts of the planning process. But all that heady, fantasy-fulfilling pleasure can lead to, shall we say, lapses in judgment. That ultra-modern industrial-steel salad bowl might not look so slick when it’s off the store display table…and on yours. And 32 “As Seen on TV” kitchen gadgets…but no elegant china for entertaining? Is that kind of setup really going to serve you well?

To help us—and you—sort through the best practices and potential pitfalls of registering for your wedding, we turned to one of the foremost experts in the business of stylish entertaining and gracious good living (who just happens to be one of our very favorite friends in the wedding world): Waterford Wedgwood national spokesperson and bridal director Jorge Perez.

Read, learn…register right! And make sure to a) “Like” us on Facebook, b) Drop your comment, right here on this post, letting us know  your first name, the date and location of your Houston wedding, and the one GIFT ITEM YOU’RE MOST EXCITED ABOUT REGISTERING FOR (any brand or type), for your chance to win this month’s giveaway. Ten–count ’em, TEN–lucky brides will each score a stunning pair of Waterford Mondavi Chardonnay glasses! ENTRY DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26. Winners will be announced FRIDAY, OCT. 28 on Facebook!!

Houston Wedding Blog: What should a to-be-wed couple do before creating their registry list?

Jorge Perez: Couples should start by agreeing upon their combined style. He may want geometrics and you may want florals. He has a beaten up leather La-Z-Boy from his frat house…and you do not. You need to compromise, and find a style that is not yours and not his, but a combined style.

You also need to take an inventory of what you already have so you can create a list of what you need. If you’re already living together, or you already have a lot of your own stuff, but it’s a little older, a register is a great place to upgrade.

Consider your entertaining style and make sure to register for all the items you’ll need to entertain for years to come.

And definitely discuss which areas of the registry each of you wants to decide about. You might love the kitchen, he might want to command the decisions on barware or bedding. Have a discussion, and let him know: “Honey, you’re so much better at that area.”

HWB: How should a couple decide where to register—and how many different retailers should they register with?

JP: I recommend that you look for retailers that provide registry and completion rewards. Registry rewards mean that you can gain credit or dollars within the store for your registry. Registry completion rewards mean that the store offers gifts for completing your registry. For example, if you register for 12 items and complete 12 items, you get a free platter. Make sure to take advantage of all the great offers out there.

And don’t register at more than three places—more just makes it difficult to manage, and you don’t end up with complete sets. Personally, I love one-stop registering, where one retailer has most of the things you’re looking for.

And try to stick to a national retailer with online services. It’s easier for you to manage, and easier for guests to buy you what you want.

HWB: What are some of the key items every couple should include on their registry list?

JP: There is nothing more luxurious than a beautifully made bed and a fabulous set of towels. Make sure to register for enough sets so that you can change them out often.

If you’re planning to entertain a lot, don’t forget your china serving pieces! A good way to know what you’ll need is to plan a future dinner party in your head. Write down a menu of what you’ll be serving. That will dictate how many and what serving pieces you’ll need. The menu always dictates the table service. Remember, your table is your label, so make sure yours says a lot about you.

HWB: Speaking of entertaining—can you share some of your best tips for registering for china and crystal?

JP: When selecting china, make sure to register for fine bone china. The Vera Wang grosgrain pattern by Waterford Wedgwood, for instance, is wonderful, because it’s the strongest stuff there is in the dinnerware category, and it is sure to become a family heirloom. For crystal, I recommend registering for two patterns, one for everyday, like grilling or hanging out with friends, and another more dressed-up pattern for special occasions like Friday night. For a luxury bar, I insist on Waterford’s Lismore pattern. It’s what I have at home. I think everyone should live a crystal life!

HWB: What should a couple bring with them when they meet with a registry consultant in-store?

JP: Meeting with a bridal consult, bring your groom and let him register for the category he loves, like bar or small electronics. His opinion counts too. And definitely bring tear sheets of home decor and style ideas. It’s also important that you bring an open mind, since a consultant can help in figuring out what’s best for you.

HWB: Any registry pitfalls or common mistakes a couple should avoid?

JP: Don’t take too many people to your registry appointment. This way, you’ll avoid too many opinions. Another common mistake is not registering for enough. My magic number is service for 12 in all pieces you’ll use most, such as dinnerware, stemware and flatware.

HWB: The last word on registering right?

JP: This is the only time in your life that everyone around you is buying you gifts, so register for the good stuff! Look at it as your opportunity to collect jewelry for your new home: candlesticks, vases, bowls, frames, decorative accessories, etc.

In general, always register for quality brands with enduring style, and you’ll never go wrong!

HWB: Thank you so much, Jorge…for the awesome advice, and for the stunning Waterford Mondavi Crystal Wineglasses. We can’t WAIT to give them away!

Waterford Crystal Giveaway ~ Houston Wedding Blog


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19 thoughts on “Register Right: The Dish from Entertaining Expert Jorge Perez + Waterford Crystal GIVEAWAY!!

  1. I’m getting married April 14, 2012 in Galveston, TX at The Tremont House. I am the most excited about registering for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer!!!!

  2. We’re hoping to get married at a waterside location next February. While we already have a lot of things, I am most excited about registering for dinnerware and serving dishes. I want our house to be a place to gather friends and family for great meals together!

  3. My name is Theresa and I’m getting married March 10, 2012 at Northgate Country Club. I’m most excited about getting a nice pair of Wustof knives because they make cooking in the kitchen so much easier!

  4. My name is Sasha and I am marrying the love of my life on May 19, 2012 at the Houston city Club. I am most excited about my Waterford Ballet Ribbon Essence crystal glasses (and I’m not just saying this, I really am most excited about this beautiful crystal-I have rather modern taste and I never thought I would find crystal I loved until I saw these goblets and fell in love! I used to be a ballerina too so the name was a bonus)! 🙂

  5. My fiance and I will be getting married on our 12th year anniversary, August 11, 2012. Our beautiful venue will be at The Villagio here in Houston. I am completely excited about registering for everything for the kitchen, specificly China. I have been raised where the kitchen is the main hub for all things family. We not only eat but we spend quality time with everyone. Weather its everyday meals to family parties to family meetings. The kitchen becomes are gathering area and I can not wait to have our own home to entertain and create new memories in the kitchen …Yae! I’m excited all over again 🙂

  6. My name is Lindsey and I’m getting married on April 7, 2012 at the Haak Winery in Santa Fe, Tx. I’m most excited about registering for the Kitchen Aid mixer with stand (apple green).

  7. My name is Alejandra Fernandez and I’m getting married 8/18/12 at the Petroleum Club here in downtown Houston. I’m excited about registering for serveware. We love hosting our family and friends.

  8. My name is Michelle and I’m getting married May 26, 2012 in Houston. I’m most excited about registering for Noritake china!

  9. Hi Laura,
    If the couple has plans to do any renovating, landscaping, etc., a Home Depot registry can be a good option. But in general, we really like Jorge’s idea that the registry is a great opportunity to upgrade existing items, or add specialty items, to one’s kitchen, dining room, bathroom, etc., inventory. Locally, Bering’s, Kuhl-Linscomb and Macy’s all provide unique, luxurious and/or truly special items for the “couple who has everything.” We can’t help it–we’re romantics, and more inclined to wish for a gorgeous crystal pitcher, or ultra-luxurious sheets, or a work of usable art, than a power tool. But if that’s what the couple is really into, and would appreciate, than a Home Depot registry would be appropriate.
    Thanks for your inquiry!
    : – ) HWB

  10. My name is Sarah and I am so excited to be getting married on January 4, 2013 at Ashton Gardens in Houston! I am most excited about the beautiful Wedgwood white china and Waterford Lismore Essence flatware! Absolutely beautiful!

  11. My name is Sara, and I am getting married on November 24, 2012 in our hometown church. I am excited to register for Home Decorating items, like picture frames, wall art, and other fun items!

  12. My name is Lindsey and I am getting married on September 8, 2012 at The Petroleum Club in downtown Houston. I can not wait to register for all of our kitchen supplies including crystal and knives! I am super excited about finally having a kitchen that matches!! And I LOVE the Waterford Glasses!

  13. My name is Jennie and our wedding is May 19, 2012 at River Oaks Baptist Church with the reception at the Alden Hotel downtown. I am most excited about registering for fine china so we can host formal dinners in our future home together!

  14. Hi!

    My fiance and I are anxiously awaiting December 10, 2011, the day when we will become one. Our ceremony will take place at St. Mary of the Purification Catholic Church, and the reception will be at the Houston Club. We are both from large, extended families, and we anticipate having our home full of guests during the holidays and special events. We also both occasionally enjoy a nice bottle of wine. I am most excited about two items on our registry: fine china and crystal glasses.

  15. My name is Patricia and our wedding is on May 12, 2012 at The Club at Carlton Woods in the Woodlands. I am most excited about registering for a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Our current vacuum cleaner leaves blisters on my hands and I can’t wait to get rid of it!

  16. Hi,
    My fiance and I will be married on November 3, 2011 at St Ignatius Loyola Church in Houston, with the reception at LeJardin Gardens. I am most excited about the Kitchen Aid mixer since I love to bake. We also enjoy wine and would love to win the Waterford Mondavi Crystal wineglasses! That would be great!

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