7 Luxury Fragrances For Your Wedding Day

Flat lay of a illustrated wedding invitation suite, a baby blue velvet box with a pear shaped wedding ring and a band, faux pink florals and a bottle of perfume which reads, "Jo Malone London, Wild Bluebell Cologne".
Photo: Amy Maddox Photography

A signature perfume for your wedding day is a must-have for anyone preparing to say I do. Wearing a fragrance you love can boost your confidence, enhance your mood and transport you to someplace magical. For your wedding day, you want to stray away from your typical everyday perfume and pick a signature scent that, with every spritz for years to come, you will nostalgically relive the moment you walked down the aisle.  From delicate floral notes to woodsy inspired scents, scroll ahead for seven gorgeously packaged and divinely scented luxury fragrances perfect for any bride seeking an unforgettable wedding day scent.

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A Wedding Scent Just For You


You’ve got the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect diamond, and of course, the perfect guy. But what about the perfect perfume?

If you’ve sniffed fragrance after fragrance at store after store and still haven’t found one that’s special enough for your big day, it’s time to quit wandering around the department stores and boutiques in search of the holy grail. Instead, call on Fúmme.

This Houston-based fragrance development company specializes in creating custom perfumes. That’s right, Houston bride: You can wear a fragrance that’s as unique and special as you are.

To design your one-of-a-kind fragrance, owner and perfumer, Lisa Rogers, will have you complete a personality and fragrance survey and chat with you to see what scent families really make you glow. Then, she’ll create three samples for you to wear for a week. Once you’ve decided on your fave sample, Rogers will adjust your fragrance of choice a couple more times until you’re completely happy. And, because Rogers understands that no bride wants to break out in hives on her wedding day, she’ll do the final tests on your skin, to make sure you don’t have any strange reactions.

The best part? Your custom perfume will come in a gorgeous bottle, with enough for you to wear for years to come. And you know what that means: You can continue to feel—and smell—like the bride long after your big day! Now there’s a feeling we’d like to bottle up and sell!

Not sure you can afford a custom fragrance? Fúmme can still help. Rogers has designed several high-end fragrances that aren’t sold on the mass-market, and she sells them to Houston brides and other discriminating ladies.

Fúmme’s fragrances are also available in body lotions, body creams, bath gels, and bath salts—and get this, they’re remarkably affordable! So if you want to share your special wedding day scent with your bridesmaids—after the big day, of course—consider stocking up on some of these bath products in your special scent. Your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate the gesture. After all, who wouldn’t want to smell and feel as special as the bride?