15 Acres: Elopement Packages + Bridal Open House!

Venue: 15 Acres | Photo: Seleni Hernandez Photography

Why wait to marry the love of your life? If you’re seeking an affordable option to tie the knot in a picturesque setting then set your sights on 15 Acres! Nestled in Hockley, 15 Acres has not one but THREE elopement packages to choose from to accommodate any budget.

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All Inclusive Garden Wedding Venue: Heather’s Glen Open House

garden wedding venue houston conroe heather's glen bride porch
Photo: Oryan Photography
An all inclusive garden wedding venue that makes each wedding feel utterly unique and completely personalized?

That’s beautiful Heather’s Glen, an enchanted garden oasis located in nearby Conroe. Discover this charming Houston-area indoor-outdoor wedding space this weekend, when Heather’s Glen hosts its Fall Open House this Sunday, Nov. 10, from 1 to 4 p.m. Take a quick moment to RSVP for this exclusive opportunity to tour one of Houston’s most versatile and picturesque full-service wedding venues. Then read on for more about Heather’s Glen and its indoor and outdoor wedding spaces, and flexible wedding packages! Click here to read the rest of this post »

Guest Post: Megan Silianoff of Greetings From Texas on Her Dream (Second) Wedding

Veil Jcrew Birdcage Veil ~ “Something Blue” Purse Chanel Vintage ~ Color Palette DVF ~ Flower Girl Dress T Length Dress ~ Wedding Dress Agata Swing ~ Centerpiece BHLDN ~ Getting Ready Shirt Claridge & King ~ Shoes Joie Sandal & Victoria Secret Mid Heel, which comes in tons of different colors!

“Hi! I’m Megan from Greetings from Texas! I’m a writer/blogger living in Houston’s Medical Center. My husband, Danny, and I eloped* five years ago (come May) so we never got to have that full out, kit and caboodle of a wedding. Because Danny had been married once before and I’d been engaged, we wanted to sneak away discreetly to tie the knot as, clearly, we’d had our fill of wedding related drama. =)

Five years later, however, it’s a different story. We’re now living in the era of Pinterest! Instagram! Blogs! With their influence, along with some distance from our past relationships, I’ve got a dream wedding inside my head that’s dying to get out. This is what it will look like when it comes to full fruition.

*Note: I’m using the term “elope” loosely. We did invite our immediate families to our wedding at The Four Seasons in Austin. They were sworn to secrecy however and prohibited from telling friends or extended family members!

What My Vow Renewal Will Entail

The Dress: I eloped in a white, strapless, cocktail dress from White House Black Market. I didn’t even like it but because I didn’t want to wear a formal wedding dress, my options were slim. This was a pre-BHLDN era! This time around, part of me thinks I should don the same dress and make it more likeable with accessories; gloves, a veil, jewelry, etc. The other part of me says “ah, screw it” and just wants to buy this one.

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Danny and I have adopted one child and one pet since we married 5 years ago. Booker, our dog who we got from a Chicago shelter, will be our ring bearer. Chances are he’ll never make it down the aisle but we’ll roll with it. Our beautiful baby girl, Macy, came to us just four months ago through an Austin adoption agency. (More details about her adoption here on my blog.)

The Cake: Chocolate for me. Carrot for him.

The Wedding Photographer: Paige Budde of Awake Photographyshe’s a personal friend.

The Location: Something al fresco and on a ranch; perhaps Old Glory Ranch.

DIY: Last time around we DIY’ed our invitations and programs. It’d be more work this time around with a significantly larger guest list but I’m up for the challenge.

Wedding Song: Last time around there was no DJ or band – just an IPod playing music throughout dinner. We got up and danced, however, when Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” came on, unintentionally making it our wedding song. This time around we’ll dance to even more Beyoncé songs, in addition to tunes by her hubby!

And that y’all, concludes what I’m envisioning. Now on to the execution!=)

*To see more pictures from my wedding at the Four Seasons, check out my Greetings From Texas Facebook page. And while you’re at it, hop on over to my blog, Greetings from Texas!! See you there!”