Q&A With Houston Wedding Photographer Blanca Duran

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Photographer Blanca Duran [photo by Civic Photos]
With degrees in Communications, PR and Art, and a lifetime passion for photography, Blanca Duran has everything it takes to capture and express the unique, personal feel of every wedding she photographs. We’re so excited to feature her work, and even more excited to let her explain, in her own words, how she approaches the art of wedding “storytelling” through images, and what sets her Houston wedding photography work apart.

Weddings in Houston: How did you first get into photography?

Blanca Duran: I had taken a few photography classes in college as part of my degree in Communications and Public Relations, but I got seriously involved in photography while studying for my Master’s Degree in Arts. I had the option of specializing in video, animation or photography, and even though I developed video and animation projects, I chose photography for my dissertation. Although I was focused on conceptual photography, I managed to do a little fashion photography and also traveled around Asia and Europe photographing landscapes and people in different cultures. I still have hundreds of medium-format images in contact sheets.

When I returned to Mexico, I spent one year teaching advertising at my alma mater university in order to pay back my scholarship. During that time I started my advertising agency again (I had previously started one together with my brother when I was in college). During those challenging times, when I was working to grow my business, I dared to photograph a friend’s wedding. Surprisingly, after the wedding, I started receiving compliments about my images and more brides contacted me. However, I only did one more wedding, because I met my husband on a trip to the United States, and decided to move to Houston, and start fresh, all over again. That’s how I am in the wedding business in Houston today.

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Photo: Blanca Duran Photography
WIH: What qualities do you feel distinguish your approach to wedding photography and your relationships with your wedding clients?

BD: We are in the business of telling stories. We do wedding photography and cinematography. Blanca Duran Photography is mostly known for my bold, fashion-photography style and my lighting skills. What makes me the proudest is that despite the difficulties we have gone through, we built a brand that is recognizable not only among clients but among other photographers who approach me to express their admiration for my work.

What sets us apart from others is not the distinctive look of our work (there are thousands of photographers with talent who go unnoticed in this sea of artists), but a combination of talent, the courage to take risks, and most importantly, our ability to make a strong connection with our clients and their families. Honesty, kindness, good manners and a huge smile will always go a long way.

Photo: Blanca Duran Photography
WIH: What are your favorite moments from you wedding photography career? 

BD: I have many favorite moments, especially those instances where my couple hugs me to thank me for the hard work and for becoming their friend.

WIH: What’s your most valuable piece of photography advice for Houston wedding couples?

BD: My advice to you is to let yourself go with the moment. Embrace your story as a couple and do not be afraid to show it to the world. Your photographer must be a storyteller that brings your photos to life!

Photo: Blanca Duran Photography

See more from this fine Houston wedding photographer, and schedule your consultation today. And make sure to visit Blanca this Friday, Feb. 22 from 6-9 p.m. when she hosts a festive evening Houston wedding photography open house!

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