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Houston MOBs and MOGs Wanted for New Reality TV Show

Casting call! Houston brides, is your mom or your fiancé’s mom searching for her perfect wedding outfit? Might she appreciate the advice of a MOB/MOG fashion specialist? Think she’d like to share her experience on camera for a TV audience?

Toronto-based RTR Media Inc. and L.A.-based Citizen Skull Productions are casting for “Mother of the Bride,” a new lifestyle TV series that follows the adventures of women who are shopping at T. Carolyn Fashions , Houston’s nationally renowned special-occasion boutique, for the perfect dress or outfit to wear on their child’s wedding day. Think “Say Yes to the Dress,” but for moms instead of brides. And in Houston instead of New York. Awesome.

Sound like something your mom would like? Tell her to apply. Now. HERE

Houston MOBs and MOGs Wanted for New Reality TV Show ~ Houston Wedding Blog

Photos by Richard Tibbetts Courtesy T. Carolyn Fashions

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One thought on “Houston MOBs and MOGs Wanted for New Reality TV Show

  1. You would think it is her wedding…. My mom is a sight to see! She has lost so much weight and wants a hollywood dress that the stars wear on tv… She says. “all eyes will not just be on you”. She has shopped since novemer and no dress is good enough! I love my mama to the end of time.. but hey stop trying to outshine the bride… Her motto is.. “i have to look good.. people will see me and wonder if you look as good!”. Too funny…. She is beautiful. Charismatic. Funny. and a joy to be around.. i wouldnt be suprised if she has a wedding dress too .. (sure hope not). I cant wait to see what she gets!

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