An Enchanting Fusion Wedding Blending American & Bengali Traditions

The bride and groom stand outside their wedding venue in Houston, The Bell Tower on 34th.
Photo: Lewis & Co. | Venue & Catering: The Bell Tower on 34th

Fate intervened in the summer of 2013 as Zack and Sabrina crossed paths at Space Center Houston. What started as a chance meeting blossomed into a deep friendship. Despite attending different colleges, their bond grew stronger, eventually evolving into a long-distance romance. After graduation, Zack made the leap to join Sabrina in Austin, where their journey together began amidst the challenges of navigating adulthood and a global pandemic.

On New Year’s Day 2023, Zack organized a surprise proposal to intertwine their love story. Recreating the magic of their first encounter, Zack proposed to Sabrina amidst the dazzling lights of Space Center Houston. “It was so perfect, full circle and magical being around by the lights and proposed to in our meet-cute place,” the bride says.

On November 19, 2023, Sabrina and Zack married at an enchanting American-Bengali fusion wedding at The Bell Tower on 34th. Prior to exchanging vows, the bride and groom savored a private first look, exchanging heartfelt, handwritten vows. Amidst a blooming floral arch and lush greenery, Sabrina and Zack married with a traditional ceremony.

Combining American and Bengali traditions infused the celebration with a unique charm, from the romantic fall color scheme to the traditional Bengali attire adorned by the couple and the wedding party. The reception radiated warmth and elegance, featuring breathtaking floral installations and warm candlelight. Sabrina and Zack’s enchanting wedding continued with a romantic first dance, choreographed by Sabrina’s former dance director, and a joyous bubble send-off. “It was so nourishing getting to share our cultures with our loved ones, and it made it such a unique experience,” the bride says.

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Congratulations, Sabrina & Zack!

The brides shoes, wedding band and wedding stationery lay on top of a table outside at The Bell Tower on 34th.

The bride's family help her zip into her wedding gown.

The groom and his groomsmen wearing tuxedos walk outside the wedding venue in Houston, The Bell Tower on 34th.

The bride and her bridesmaids cheer outside the Houston wedding venue.

The bride and groom share a private first look outside their wedding venue.

The bride holds back tears as the groom reads her his handwritten vows.

The bride and groom embrace with their hands detailed in Henna tattoos.

A floral arch of white, peach, greenery and blush flowers decorate the wedding alter.

The bride and groom lock arms as they walk down the aisle as their guests throw flower petals in the air.

A welcome sign with the bride and groom's name is placed outside the wedding venue.

Wedding guests enjoy a cocktail hour in the venue's courtyard near the Waterwall.

The bride and groom lock arms as they walk outside the wedding venue with the bridal party wearing traditional Bengali attire.

The bride and groom pose on a set of stairs outside The Bell Tower on 34th.

The bride changes into traditional Bengali wedding attire for the reception.

The venue's reception space is decorated with floral centerpieces, floral instillations and candlelight.

Candlelight and floral instillations of white, blush, peach flwoer and greenery decorate the reception space.

The bride and groom participate in Bengali traditions at their wedding reception at the Bell Tower on 34th.

The bride and groom sit on the stage at their wedding reception as wedding guests watch.

The bride and groom perform their choreographed first dance at their wedding reception.

A 4-tier wedding wedding cake detailed in blush colored roses and flowers is served at the wedding reception.

The bride and groom exit their wedding reception at The Bell Tower on 34th with a bubble send-off.

“An Enchanting Fusion Wedding Blending American & Bengali Traditions ” Spotlight WiH Partners- Venue & Catering: The Bell Tower on 34th

Contributors- Photo: Lewis & Co. / Dream Decors Design House / Dolce Designs / Whittington Bridal / Sari Sapne / Toast Entertainment / Makeup by Shurba / Brette Seffens / Harmony StringsĀ 

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