A Classic Black and White Fête at The Bell Tower on 34th

Groom and bride smile outside of their wedding venue, The Bell Tower on 34th.
Photo: Franny Pullin Photography | Venue: The Bell Tower on 34th

Isabela and John Michael grew up in Houston, where they attended the same school and church. However, the pair didn’t start dating until the end of their senior year of high school when Isabella was deciding where to go for college. The bride says, “I went to the A&M vs. Baylor tennis match that he was also at, and the rest is history!”

After five years of dating, John Michael proposed to Isabela on April 10, 2021, the same day as his parents’ anniversary, making it even more special.

Eleven months later, the couple wed in a traditional church ceremony on March 11, 2022, and an elegant celebration followed at The Bell Tower on 34th. The color scheme included black, white and blush accents, creating a timeless look at the luxurious venue. Lush white florals lined the grand stairway while lit candles adorned the dining tables. The couple even included a signature drink named after their beloved dog. A black and white checkered dance floor, sparkling chandeliers and warm candlelight decorated the European-inspired ballroom, where the couple celebrated with cocktails, decadent cake and live music.

Scroll on for the romantic moments and dreamy details of this classic black, white and blush fete.

Congratulations, Isabela and John Michael! We wish you all the very best!

A bride with a low up-do puts on a pearl earring before her wedding ceremony in Houston.

A bottle of "Gucci Guilty" perfume, wedding ring set and pointed velvet heels.

Groomsmen and groom wearing black suits stand on the lawn outside of Houston Hotel, C. Baldwin Hotel.

A bride holds a white bouquet of orchids while her father kisses her cheek before her church ceremony.

Bride raises her arm while holding hands with a groom while guests blow bubbles after their church ceremony in Houston.

Bride holding white orchid and rose bouquet kisses a groom in a black suit after a church ceremony in Houston, Texas.

Groom holds the hand of a bride in a strapless gown at their black and white wedding reception at The Bell Tower on 34th.

Staircase in the ballroom of venue, The Bell Tower on 34th, lined with lit candles, blush and white florals and greenery

Newly married bride and groom walk hand in hand on a staircase lined with lit candles and blush and white florals at their wedding reception at the Bell Tower on 34th.

Tall blush and white floral centerpiece on a banquet table at The Bell Tower on 34th.

A four tier white wedding cake decorated with orchids at a white, black and black reception at The Bell Tower on 34th in Houston.

Groom and bride wear oversized novelty hats at their black, white and blush reception.

“Classic Black, White and Blush Fête at The Bell Tower on 34th” Spotlight WiH Vendors – Venue: The Bell Tower on 34th

Contributors: Photo- Franny Pullin Photography / Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart / Petal & Stem / Mike’s Dance Floor Rentals / Cakes by Ale Resendiz / Royal Dukes Band / Unbridaled

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