Ashton Gardens Wedding With Bonus Fun Proposal Story!

ashton gardens wedding houston chapel doors couple first look
Venue: Ashton Gardens | Photo: Kaitlyn Beauregard Photography

Mosquitos. Guacamole. A clever ruse. Oh, how we love a zany proposal story: “I told Shane I wanted to wait until I officially had a degree to be engaged,” says Joanna. “He waited exactly a week after I graduated. We had talked about going on a hike, and finally planned it for that weekend. While on our hike there there were so many mosquitos it looked like a dark fog was following us. We ran out of the woods with about 30 bites each laughing so hard (with me not realizing his proposal plan was falling apart). We found an area that was mosquito-free, sat down for a picnic, and then Shane told me he had something for me. I got extremely suspicious that he was proposing. I thought to myself, ‘Shane can’t propose with a tub of guacamole (my favorite) sitting in between us.’

I start desperately moving the food to the other side of the bench, and he pulls out a PAIR OF EARRINGS. Five minutes later he drops down on one knee and proposes. He wanted to surprise me, the earrings made sure that happened. We met our family and close friends for dinner later and celebrated our love…and the fact that his plan to surprise me actually worked!” How could we not fall in love with this sweet young couple’s love, and the lovely Ashton Gardens wedding that celebrated it? Congratulations, Joanna and Shane, and thank you so much for sharing your humor and enthusiasm with us, and our readers!

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“Ashton Gardens Wedding With Bonus Fun Proposal Story!” Spotlight Houston Vendors – Venue: Ashton Gardens North

Photos: Kaitlyn Beauregard Photography

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