12 Bridal Hairstyles For Girls With Curls

Got curls? We got you, gurrll. Up, down, short, long, tight, tousled or teased–these bridal ‘dos will inspire you to embrace your natural texture as you walk down the aisle, and party the night away. Pick your favorite, save it, find a talented bridal stylist, and make it your own!

Medium Length Curly Hairstyle

Photo: Christine Doneé via Once Wed

Flower Crown Curly Hair Tucked Updo

Photo: Lieb Photographic via My Wedding

Flower Curly Fro Hair Style

Photo: Actually Ashley

Long Curly Hair Style

Photo: Michael Radford Photography via Grey Likes Weddings

Curly Hair Updo

Photo: Kelsie Emm Photography via Makeup and Hair by Steph

Short Flower Kinky Curly Hair Style

Photo: Annah M Buru

Floral Curly Updo

Photo: Alex G. McClelland Photography via A Practical Wedding

Curly Hair Updo

Photo: Lili Claspe

Long Curly Hair Ponytail

Photo: Danielle Evans Photography via A Practical Wedding

Curly Hair Updo

Photo: Liz Morrow Studios via The Brave Life

Medium Curly Hair Style

Photo: Kai Frias

Curly Braided Hairstyle

Photo: Cat Mayer Studio via A Practical Wedding


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4 thoughts on “12 Bridal Hairstyles For Girls With Curls

  1. I’m definitely an up-do kind of gal, and all of these are absolutely stunning!
    Amazing ideas and examples you’ve found! I’m finding myself really drawn to the style with the ornate pin! Wish I had done that!

  2. I always wanted a cutiest hairstyle which looks highly beautiful and pretty.
    In that way, vintage grooming is doing good. These styles look rich and classy.

  3. I love the haircut ideas you have here. It seems like hairstyles are becoming more and more popular, so I feel like I need a new one.
    thanks for sharing in informative blog post, i love your whole post thanks. I want to ask a question please
    How many times should i wash my curly hair per week?
    Thanks in advance.

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