It’s a Girl Thing

By Natasha Garber | Make Favorite

Photo: Le Zu Photography

Whether you like it mild, wild—or somewhere in between—a pre-wedding girls’ night (or day, or weekend) is a bridal rite of passage. But even a bachelorette party with a bit of edge shouldn’t be an experience that embarrasses the guest of honor…or any of her entourage. Make sure it’s a celebration to remember, for all the right reasons, with these four top tips for oops-proof bachelorette festivities—plus two uniquely fabulous Houston destinations for let-your-hair-down fun with the girls!

  1. Assign your bachelorette celebration and provide your planner with what she needs

As the bride, you’ll want to put one of your gals in charge of spearheading the celebration and delegating tasks. Hopefully, you’ll have an eager volunteer come forward to take on the party-planning duties. If your wedding is three months away, and nobody has spoken up as your bachelorette-bash coordinator, you might gently suggest to your maid of honor, sister or bestie that you’ve been fantasizing about a spa weekend, dance-club night or fine meal with the misses.

Drop hints about your comfort level (Not keen on a male stripper gyrating in your general direction? Say so!) and preferences (that hot new tapas joint in Montrose, or a Lake Conroe waterskiing weekend, or Vegas getaway). Then make sure she has your guest list, complete with phone numbers and email contacts for all of the girls.

  1. Plan, but don't overplan your bachelorette party

While it’s important to have a solid plan for your celebration—including date, time, location, transportation arrangements and general itinerary—you don’t have to schedule every single activity to the minute. And, as a bride, you also don’t need to know everything your friends have planned for you, so make sure your planning pal leaves room for surprises.

Elements that require pre-planning include booking your location, whether it’s a local day spa, popular restaurant, private table at your favorite craft-cocktail joint, pole dancing class or NYC boutique hotel. If travel is required for your bachelorette festivities, make sure your party-planning pal gives the ladies plenty of time to book flights (or books for them—she’ll need their personal information to do this), or makes reservations for the stretch limo or party bus at least one month in advance of the event.

And remember, some kind of reliable transportation is a must. Drinking and driving is an absolute NO, and no individual member of the party crew should feel responsible for being the designated driver—remember, while you are the guest of honor, this is a celebration of your sisterhood with your closest friends and confidantes. Let them enjoy it as much as you!

  1. Even if it's just one night out, make the most of it

Whether it’s part of a longer weekend of relaxation and indulgence, or just a five-hour hurrah, the bachelorette celebration usually includes a fabulous night out on the town. To ensure that your one night of (slightly naughty) fun is one for the record books, take care to plan it well.

If the aforementioned alcohol-fueled shenanigans are part of the plan, make sure to kick off the evening with dinner, and keep everyone’s water glasses filled, to prevent dehydration later during the night and the next day.

If bar- or club-hopping is on the agenda, map out your planned route ahead of time, especially if any members of your party are planning to meet up with you a bit later.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask your venues about bachelorette specials, such as themed drinks and freebies. That way, you’ll get the most bang for your buck, and so will your grateful gals.

  1. It's a special occasion—go beyond the ordinary

Just as your wedding is far more than a milestone celebration, your bachelorette party is far more than a typical night out with the girls.

First and foremost, it should be a bonding experience, where you and your dear friends and close female family members get a chance to escape the pressure and frenzy of wedding planning (not to mention normal, ol’ everyday life), reconnect with one another, and indulge in unencumbered fun.

If you’re up for adventure, your bachelorette party is a perfect opportunity to try something new. Maybe it’s ziplining in Costa Rica, Go-Kart racing in Katy or tasting perfect pinot noirs in Napa. Maybe it’s getting that hot-stone massage you’ve always dreamed about, right here in downtown Houston.

Even if you’re a creature of more familiar comforts, you’ll want to make sure those comforts have an extra-special feel this time around. Going out with the girls for a great meal and fine wine? Consider dressing up in coordinating colors—perhaps your girls all wear white, while you get dolled up in sexy bachelorette black, or your favorite shade of party pink. Heading out with your gals for a hike, or a picnic in the park? Hire your wedding photographer to join you and your crew for an hour or two—pro photos of your bachelorette fun will be with you forever and always, just like your best friends.

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