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The process of planning a wedding, starting a family, and merging two lives (and extended families and friends) into one is one of the most beautiful, happy– and yes, stressful – times of life. If you are facing bumps along the way, are nervous about the process, or just want to be the best partner you can be, you are not alone!

Award-winning marketer, educator, certified coach, author and radio host Stephanie D. McKenzie has more than two decades of business acumen, marketing expertise, and a keen understanding of Divine principles. She works with engaged couples and newlyweds to transform their romantic lives from average… to awesome!

The Relationship Firm™ is a dynamic and progressive relationship coaching and consulting practice that crafts unique and comprehensive solutions to give youth, singles, couples, families, and co-workers the power to overcome the challenges of their platonic, romantic, familial and corporate relationships.

The Relationship Firm™ is dedicated to helping each client create and nurture authentic relationships that are undeniably positive, and unequivocally productive. We offer premarital coaching, marriage counseling and family counseling, all in a positive and safe environment in which couples and newlyweds can explore their feelings, beliefs and goals, to enter into a better understanding of each other and to enrich their married lives..

Articles About The Relationship Firm

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Client Testimonials

“Coach Stephanie is Houston's leading counselors and life coach! She has a divine gift to propel individuals and families into greater destiny, and spiritual/mental wholeness. I've been so impacted by her determination, work ethnic, and professionalism in how she handles the hearts and passions of others in the highest level of excellence and care.” - Kenneth

“Originally, we were just seeking pre-marital sessions so that we could get a discount on our marriage license (heh, heh). We ran across Stephanie in our search, and after the first conversation, not only were we excited about the premarital session activities, but we also knew she was "the one" who could help guide us through any rough patches ahead. She has now become invaluable to our continued development as newlyweds, and we greatly appreciate her willingness to do phone sessions when we both couldn't be in town. In a world filled with failed marriages, she is the "real talk", encouragement, and genuine understanding needed to help make love last beyond the ceremony. Thanks Steph- we love ya girl!” - Chelsea

“Awesome and positive life-coach! Helps you to gain a improved and well-developed perspective on life's opportunities and challenges.” - Shayla