Irresistible Events & Services


Irresistible Events & Services is a wedding-planning business in Katy, Texas. Boasting over 25 years of event coordination experience, lead planner Michelle Stack delights couples with her skilled organizing and wedding industry knowledge. Michelle has a creative streak and a keen eye for detail, which she combines to produce the desired vision for the big day. Honoring the tastes and budget of every couple, Michelle customizes her planning process to suit the individual.

Client Testimonials

"Michelle and her team were absolutely fantastic! Hiring her was the best decision for our wedding. Michelle is a joy to work with and very organized. She listens to what you want, gives ideas and suggestions, but ultimately does what you want. She takes initiative and is ready to solve any problems that may arise. In addition to being organized and efficient, Michelle is kind, funny, and has a calming presence. Throughout our entire wedding, I always felt comforted when I'd see her and her team around. As someone who can be a bit controlling, I had no trouble handing the reins over to Michelle. I trusted her with everything. If you are considering wedding coordinators stop looking because you MUST hire Michelle right now! PS: (From the groom) I've worked in the wedding industry as a wedding photographer for some time now and made it a priority that we had a great coordinator for our day. Michelle ensured that all vendors were at the right place at the right time and kept everything running smoothly. If there were any hiccups at all, she handled them with aplomb and allowed us to just enjoy ourselves without having to worry! I will definitely be recommending her services to any of my future clients as well!" -Micah E.

"Hello Future Brides,

My daughter got married this past weekend, and although I am still exhausted and will leave each vendor a review, I can't wait another day and not acknowledge our wedding coordinator.

First and foremost, I was dead set against hiring a wedding coordinator because I thought to myself, I don't need one and want to save the money. However, my husband said you can skip the cake, flowers, and DJ, but you ARE hiring a wedding coordinator, so thank GOODNESS I listened to him.

Our wedding coordinator was Michelle Stack with Irresistible Events & Services. Let me just say I could have NOT pulled off the wedding we did without her, and we chose the package to have her from start to finish, and she is the first person we hired!

Michelle is one of the most calm, politest and sincerest person I have ever met. She is absolutely such a joy to be around, and I love that I can ask her opinion, and I know she is going to give me her HONEST opinion!

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding that I didn't even think about - example - the wedding timeline... there is no doubt the timeline took her 2 hours alone to create, and it wasn't a generic one. She made it specifically for my daughter's wedding.

She was there at every appointment we had with each vendor. We used all of the vendors she recommended, and we were so happy we did!

Not one thing went wrong on my daughter's wedding day, and this was all because of Michelle! I wouldn't have had the time to spend with my daughter before the wedding if it wasn't for Michelle, either. That would have been such quality time that I could have never gotten back as Michelle was at the venue bright and early, literally working and on her feet all day, making sure everything was perfect so I didn't have to.

Even when it was time to pack up, she did all the packing! I am a little OCD and had a lot of extra decor we purchased, all in boxes
and labeled, before the wedding. When I got home and started unloading, every single item we brought to the venue was packed back in the box it came in!! It made my life so much easier, unpacking all of it and not one thing was broken. OH!!! And big, huge bonus... she hauled all of our decor, signs, easels, and so much more to the wedding, so the day of, all I had to worry about was our dresses!

I could go on and on!!! But if you have not hired a wedding planner, take it from me!!! It will be the best decision you make with the whole wedding! And hire Michelle!!! She literally is the best in the business!! -Stephanie

"Michelle and her team went above and beyond for our wedding at Sandlewood Manor on 12/16/22. We can't thank her enough!! 10 out of 10. The timeline was precise, and she kept everything organized and on time. Thank you, irresistible events!!!" -Eniola A.