Winnie Couture WOWS at NY Bridal Market…and Causes an Instagram Frenzy!

Glamour’s Instagram feed of 2013 gowns making their debut at the recent New York Bridal Market garnered lots and lots of attention from couture-obsessed brides-to-be. But no gown got more love in less time than Winnie Couture’s stunning “Esme” mermaid gown, which tallied up a whopping 10,000 ♥’s in just three hours.

Behold that amazing gown, along with a few more of our newly unveiled 2013 favorites from the exceptionally talented Winnie Chlomin, whose internationally beloved-by-brides design house is now based in Beverly Hills—but got its start right here in Houston, with the Winnie Couture Houston Flagship Salon.

See a Winnie Couture gown that drives you wild with wanting? Hold tight, lovelies. The new dresses will hit Winnie’s Houston salon right around December. We can’t think of a better gift for the holidays!

Winnie Couture - Esme (front) Winnie Couture - Esme (back) Winnie Couture - Kazane Winnie Couture - Gittel Winnie Couture - Jeannette & Pierretta Winnie Couture - Danessa Winnie Couture - Giulia Winnie Couture - Ambrea

Photos: Courtesy of Winnie Couture

Dresses (top to bottom, left to right): Esme (front, back)~Kazane (front, back)~Gittel~Jeanette~Pierretta~Danessa~Giulia~Ambrea

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