Walk—Or Dance—On Water

Liquid Fusion
Liquid Fusion

If you’re planning the kind of reception where let-your-hair-down, kick-your-heels-up dancing is certain to take center stage, you must check out this unique and incredibly cool dance floor from Holo-Walls.

Liquid Fusion Floor Tile
Liquid Fusion Floor Tile

Liquid Fusion flooring tiles—a favorite of celebrity wedding planners like L.A.’s Mindy Weiss, who recently used them for a stunning all-blue reception—are each filled with two opposing bichromatic liquids. When dancers step on the tiles, the pressure causes the liquids to swirl into each other, creating a thrilling visual effect. Liquid Fusion tiles, which are available in Red/Orange, Blue/Sky Blue, Orange/Purple and other vibrant color combos, can be snapped together to form dance floors of varying sizes. They’re also great for creating impressive entry walkways and stage surfaces.

We think a Liquid Fusion floor would be perfect framed by modular banquettes and low cocktail tables at a reception with a sophisticated lounge feel, or surrounded on three sides by long, rectangular dining tables done up with chic, sleek linens. And how about a luminous liquid dance floor in the middle of a white-on-white reception room? Fabulous!

Liquid Fusion Tabletops
Liquid Fusion Tabletops

Like the idea of liquid, but not sure if you want a whole floor full of it? Holo-Walls also has Liquid Fusion tabletops, which look amazing on cocktail tables. Picture your guests sipping drinks and nibbling hors d’oeuvre at tables topped with liquid color that undulates at the touch of martini glasses. They’ll be talking about it for months to come, Houston bride.

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3 thoughts on “Walk—Or Dance—On Water

  1. These Liquid Fusion tiles are as incredible and absolutely cool as the name implies. I’m totally impressed that Holo-Walls has thought “out-of-the-box” on this and given another incredible tool for the professional Event Planner. Way to go guys~!!!

    Bright Star Productions considered purchasing this type of dance floor two years ago and opted to go with an Interactive LED Dance Floor instead. The reason was solely based on versatility. We opted for an Interactive LED Dance Floor, or IDF, that fuses light and physical movement so as to create a totally adaptable experience. Being able to change to several thousands of colors, effects and text and then to layer it all offers the versatility to meet a broader range of decor themes.

    We live in exciting times. There is sooooo much technology out there that the options are almost endless and finding the right product for the best application is only a keyboard away.

  2. Dear Sirs

    we are decoration company starting in Egypt, our name is “Non Traditional” so we search for the nontraditional decorative materials and I’m interested in the liquid floors and i hope to use this tiles on my work.
    so please give me the price and delivery time for 2 samples, and also i need a full catalog for the liquid floors with the different designs and colors, also i need a full catalog for your other products.
    the 1st sample: 25*25 cm
    the 2nd sample: 50*50 cm
    waiting your feedback to select the color of the samples.

    Thanks and regards
    Eng. Moataz Abd Elmawgoud
    General Manager
    Non Traditional for Smart Solutions
    3, kesra & elmakdes st.
    Dorgham tower, Port Said, Egypt.
    Tel.: +2066 33 44 66 8
    Mob.: +2011 5 911 911

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