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Venues We Love: The Phoenix Special Events Facility and B&B

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience. Your wedding weekend shouldn’t be one. We love that The Phoenix Special Events Facility lets you buy out the entire site, including rustic-elegant event space, plus three charming bed-and-breakfast guest rooms, for an entire four days, at a very pretty price.

That means that you get from Thursday to Sunday to put the final touches on, fully enjoy, and even recover a little bit from your special day. And if you want to have all your wedding-weekend events in one place, you can do that, too. And what a place it is: 75 acres of picturesque countryside in Weimar, a mere 80 miles from Houston. You can enjoy a private pre-wedding celebration with your nearest and dearest, and the next day exchange your vows beneath a canopy of leafy oak boughs beside a sparkling lake, then dine and dance the night away, even treat your guests to a spectacular fireworks show, before retreating with your new hubby to the comfort of your private guest room. Without ever getting in a car.

The Phoenix is very accommodating to vendors, too—bring all your own, or use theirs. Owner and event coordinator Bruce Koehn is on hand to help you plan everything from start to finish, or simply help ensure that all runs smoothly on your big day. If you’re looking for comfort, relaxation and oodles of Southern hospitality for your Houston-area wedding, you really oughtta check out The Phoenix. Call Bruce at 979.733.0304 to schedule your visit—and tell him you found The Phoenix on the Houston Wedding Blog!

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10 thoughts on “Venues We Love: The Phoenix Special Events Facility and B&B

  1. I got married at the Phoenix last year. It was the most beautiful, fun, and even relaxing wedding. Bruce was fantastic, kept us all on track and had helpful suggestions just when we needed them. I used vendors mostly from their list of local vendors and every thing ran smooth as silk. It was a great experience and to this day people still tell me how great our wedding was.

  2. I love the Phoenix! i grew up there and its amazing how the place can be transformed from a beautiful wedding venue to a ritzy prom venue ! it is so beautiful under the oaks, by the lake and under the fireworks! It is perfect for any special event i just love it !!!!

  3. I got married at The Phoenix just 30 days ago. It was completely amazing. Bruce and Ken were wonderful. During the planning process, Bruce was available to answer every question that I had and kept me from getting too stressed. We enjoyed having the location for an extended period of time, which allowed for a less stressful set-up process as well as taking away the need for a limo.

  4. My husband and I got married at The Phoenix May 2009. Everything was absolutely perfect! Bruce was wonderful. The owners had answers to any questions I had. It was very reassuring to know that they knew exactly what they were doing. The vendor list had absolutely anything you could want! We were more than satisfied with the price. The grounds are gorgeous! I would recommend The Phoenix to any couple looking for anything from simple to extravagant!

  5. My fiancee and I are getting married at the Phoenix next September and have already started the planning process with Bruce and Ken. They are so wonderful to work with and have given me some great ideas that I had not thought of. I am so excited to be holding my wedding day there. I know it will be wonderful. The property is just beautiful and very relaxing. I know it will be a perfect day thanks to Bruce and Ken!

  6. Almost three years ago my daughter chose The Phoenix as a wedding venue, and we still have friends that say that it was the most fun and relaxed wedding that they have attended.
    Bruce and Ken know what to do to make the event a smooth and seamless occasion; when we were packing to leave the next day I felt as though we were leaving family, they were so involved with one of the most important milestones in our lives. The property is quiet and serene, surrounded by mature oaks and the reflection of the fireworks on the lake was stunning.
    We have recommended the Phoenix to everyone we know who needs a venue for wedding or large party!

  7. Congratulations, Diane! Have fun planning your big day, and please visit us again at the Houston Wedding Blog for more ideas and inspiration.
    : – ) Natasha (Houston Wedding Blogger)

  8. Our eldest daughter was married at The Phoenix in April, 2007, and we already have Bruce and Ken on notice that her two younger sisters will get married there when the time comes. The wedding was no less than fabulous. Bruce and Ken are consummate professionals. They know everything about everything, offer all kinds of creative ideas and solutions, and they kept the entire weekend running seamlessly on schedule … even with our wild and crazy family AND the hail that rained down on us as the kids completed their vows!

    We had family and friends coming in from all over the US and Mexico, so their wedding weekend package allowed us to have a lovely family reunion-type weekend on their fabulous grounds, in addition to the wedding.

    Many people said, “This wedding is like no other wedding we’ve been to — it’s like what you see in the movies!” And it truly was.

    I would urge every Bride and Groom out there to check out The Phoenix for their wedding venue … you simply can’t go wrong with Bruce and Ken. And you will probably fall in love with them, just as we did 😉

  9. My daughter got married at the Phoenix and we took full advantage of all the days available to us. The bride and groom left for their honeymoon and her immediate family enjoyed a mini-family reunion in the B&B and enjoyed breakfast together Sunday morning before parting ways. The absolute best thing about the wedding was the relaxing atmosphere that Ken and Bruce provided by being available to tend to everything — from providing vendors and ice — to mysteriously providing fresh towels every time someone in the bridal party took a shower. We enjoyed our Rehearsal Dinner, Bridesmaids luncheon and the bridesmaids spent the night on Friday night and had all day Saturday to relax and be pampered. Everyone commented on how much FUN they had and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience.

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