The 8 Commandments of Achieving the Perfect Bridal Fit by MW Couture

Writer: Laura Furr Mericas

Minerva Wooldridge, founder of Houston’s MW Couture, puts an uncommon attention to detail and masterful skill into every wedding gown, mother of the bride dress, or flower girl smock that passes through her storefront. Having begun sewing at the age of 15, and quickly moving on to create custom wedding gowns from scratch, she is know throughout Houston and the U.S. as an alterations expert and exquisite designer who follows a strict set of rules to ensure that every bride leaves her store with the perfect fit. “My goal is to put my quality on display all the time,” she says. “You don’t take your dress from here unless you are 100 percent happy and satisfied.” We talked with Wooldridge about her rigorous regimen, known to her and her staff as “The Eight Commandments.”

Black, White & Blue Wedding at Crystal Ballroom at The Rice by Ever & Anon Photography Gown Alterations: MW Couture | Wedding Gown: Brickhouse Bridal | Photography: Ever & Anon Photography

1. There For You From the First Fitting — Wooldridge and her team strive to create the most welcoming and comfortable environment possible for brides trusting them with their signature look. One way that she does this is from the first phone call, reminding the bride to bring the slip, bra and shoes she will be wearing with the dress, so she can get the entire look right from the first fitting.

2. Dress With Care — Wooldridge also dresses the bride herself, paying special attention to every detail of the dress. She says that this helps them feel more confident, as she expertly sets the gown to each bride’s body.

3. Find the Vibe — “Sometimes having her describe the wedding is like I’m looking into a magic ball. It lets me know her personality,” Wooldridge says. By hearing more about the event, Wooldridge finds out if she should go more romantic, modern or elegant with the design and fitting.

4. Listen! — “The first time the bride comes in she might be very emotional,” Wooldridge says. She and her team listen to make sure they don’t miss any key elements brides mention, and answer all questions and concerns with confidence and empathy.

Black, White & Blue Wedding at Crystal Ballroom at The Rice by Ever & Anon Photography Gown Alterations: MW Couture | Wedding Gown: Brickhouse Bridal |Photography: Ever & Anon Photography

5. Talk it Out — Once alterations are underway, Wooldridge and her team go into great detail to explain all alterations that have been made and offer any further ideas they might have, leaving an open floor for the bride to address any other changes she would like made.  “Everything has a solution,” Wooldridge says. “I am trying to find the best solution so she can have a best dress that is personal and unique.”

6. Be Flexible, But Timely — The team at MW Couture is always conscious of brides’ timeframes and pride themselves on making achievable alterations within acceptable pickup dates.

7. Quality, Quality, Quality — Wooldridge insists that all alterations at MW Couture are “equal to or better than the original construction of the dress.” We can vouch for that!

8. Conclude with Gratitude — Lastly, Wooldridge thanks the bride for trusting the family at MW Couture with the most important garment for the most important day of her life. She wishes all wedding couples luck and lifetime of memories!

Ashleigh & Quinn-Brad Adcock Photography-Cadillac Bar-Isabella Invitations-Dream Bouquet-MW Couture-DJU-043 copy Alterations: MW Couture | Bridal Gown: Lillian West from Whittington Bridal | Photos: Brad Adcock Photography

There are few experts in the wedding business quite as professional and caring as Minerva and the team at MW Couture! Want to get your perfect fit? Schedule a consultation with MW Couture today!

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