Style Trend: 6 Mixed-Metal Bridal Accessories

Have some fun and spice things up with your bridal accessories by mixing metals, finishes and gems. Rose gold, yellow gold and silver mix things up with crystals, diamonds, turquoise and colored gems, in this glimpse of a bridal jewelry trend we’re crushing on…hard!

1. Kotlar 1948 18k Rose Gold & Diamond Necklace

Kotlar 1948 18k Rose-Gold & Diamonds Necklace Harry Kotlar
Photo: Harry Kotlar

Hypnotize your fans, friends and fiancé, with this dazzling rose gold circular pendant encrusted with diamonds–a perfect centerpiece for your bridal accessories. Click here to read the rest of this post »

Wrap Your Wrist in Bloom + Grace

Photo: Bloom + Grace

Wrap it up, we’ll take it! We just had to share our love for these yummy fair-trade wrap bracelets from Bloom + Grace. Two of our faves are the Silver Metal Mesh Wrap (the perfect complement to your sparkling engagement ring) and the Gold Metal Cuff, which we love to pair with jeans, nubby sweaters, wrap dresses (um, yeah, you can’t have too much wrapping, darling) and beachwear. These super chic bracelets also make awesome bridesmaids gifts (hint, hint). And here’s something else we love: Not only does Bloom + Grace offer amazing jewelry, they also partner with the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign to bring life-saving vaccinations to children in need across the globe. Look good, do good, it’s all good.

Beautiful Bridal Bracelets Part II

This spring and summer’s bridal gowns are all about the right to bare arms, and we support it! But bare doesn’t have to mean naked. At your wedding, Houston bride, those pretty arms and hands of yours are going to be on constant display (holding your bouquet, exchanging rings with your beloved, cutting the cake, etc., etc…). We recommend you dress your wrist appropriately, with a beautiful bridal bracelet that catches the light just so.

A couple of things to consider when choosing a bridal bracelet:

Matching is not required. Sure, you can select a coordinating set that includes necklace, earrings and bracelet. But it’s equally fine (and even a little more fashion-forward) to go with mismatched pieces, like chandelier earrings and a chunky, bejeweled bangle, or an Art Deco pendant and a filigree cuff.

Don’t get snagged. Make sure to take into consideration your gown material when choosing a bridal bracelet. If the skirt of your gown is tulle or lace, you may want to avoid gem-encrusted bracelets, and bracelets with sharp edges or catches, and instead stick with smooth bangle styles. If, on the other hand, your skirt is sleek satin or silk taffeta, you can get away with just about any bracelet construction.

Buy for the future. Choose a bracelet that you really love, and that you will want to wear over and over again. This may mean selecting something that complements your ring set, or an heirloom or vintage piece that makes an enduring statement, and that you can pass down to future generations. Your wedding-day jewelry is special, of course, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stuck in a safe or jewelry box once you’re wed.

OK, now for the fun part. Our best local jewelers offer a spectacular selection of bracelets from classic to ultra-contemporary, so drop in and try on a few styles.

Beyond Houston’s borders, here are a two more fabulous bracelet finds to tempt you:

Bride and press fave Tejani has a big, beautiful selection of bridal bracelets that are not just stunning, but surprisingly affordable, too. Among our most coveted styles is this 1½-inch-wide sterling silver, zircon and crystal bangle…but you can have your pick from bracelets grouped by categories including Daring, Dainty and Antique.

Tejani Bangle
Tejani Bangle

On the edgier side, there’s Melinda Maria, whose statement pieces have won celebrity fans including Vanessa Hudgens, Anne Hathaway and Faith Hill. We’re crazy about the Infinity Pod Bangles, and slightly daintier Mini Pod Bangles. But with a drapey, stately goddess gown, nothing would be more beautiful than this lovely leaf bangle, don’t you agree?

Melinda Maria Leaf Bracelet
Melinda Maria Leaf Bracelet

Beautiful Bridal Bracelets

It’s a common bridal conundrum: You want to accessorize your gown with jewelry, but you’re worried about going overboard. After all, you don’t want to eclipse your beautifully bejeweled bodice with a heavy choker or pendant. Neither should you overload your crystal-encrusted updo with an elaborate pair of chandelier earrings.

The perfect solution? A statement bridal bracelet. All you have to decide is what you want your wedding-day wrist adornment to say.

For modern glamour with vintage touch, nothing holds a candle to a jeweled cuff. Today’s most stylish brides are sporting thick cuffs that get their delicacy from intricate filigree work and pavé gems, which catch the light magnificently.

We adore this brilliant specimen from Jude Frances, available through Thomas Markle Jewelers


Meanwhile, the Art Deco elegance of the Mystery Liner Cuff by designer Debra Moreland for Paris is perfect for slender wrists, refined gowns and white silk or satin.


Also in vogue is the jeweled bangle, worn either alone or in groups of three (or more!).


Simple, sumptuous, spectacular—that’s this white gold, white diamond bangle by Simon G (style MB 1432), available from Thomas Markle Jewelers.

For the contemporary, less traditional bride, there is the cubic-zirconia-accented, conversation-worthy Wavey Bangle, which gives the impression of multiple bangles in a single piece.

And, for our final pick, we are fans of this absolutely unforgettable bracelet from Select Jewelers, a traditional style that combines clusters of round diamonds with fabulous baguettes in a piece that will make a treasured heirloom as well as a gorgeous gown accessory.