Jewelry Rental? Yes, Please! A Q&A With Eklektic

Houston Fine Jewelry Rental Special Occasion Eklektic Studio
Photo: Eklektic Jewelry Studio

Known for their one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces, all made by hand with precious metals and conflict-free gems, Houston’s Eklektic Jewelry Studio is now offering jewelry rental, too! What’s for rent, and what are the best occasions for jewelry rental vs. purchase? We checked in with Eklektic’s Ariana Cuvelier to find out.

Houston Wedding Blog: What kinds of Eklektic pieces are available to rent, and what are the rental terms?

Cuvelier: Our pieces available for rent are what we have in our storefront. This includes a variety of necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings, rings and even some cufflinks, though most of this jewelry is catered to women.

We are focusing on two jewelry rental options for clients: To rent our jewelry you can either become an Eklektic Jewelry Member, making monthly payments for unlimited access to all our fine jewelry. Or you can choose to make a one-time payment on a selected piece to rent for four days.

Pearl Necklace Solid Cold Clasp Rental Houston Jewelry
Photo: Eklektic Jewelry Studio

Houston Wedding Blog: What are your most popular pieces, and for what styles/occasions do you recommend them?

Cuvelier: Our 20-inch-long white saltwater pearl necklace with a solid yellow gold clasp is a simple, elegant, perfectly classic piece, and goes well with any outfit, for any occasion. Our 14k solid yellow gold cable chain necklace with Colombian emeralds is simple enough to be worn for more casual occasions, but still carries prestige and magnetism because of those beautiful natural emeralds. Or it can be worn for a more formal occasion, without competing for attention with the rest of your attire. We’ve also got a 14k yellow gold double-rotating globe pendant necklace that’s lively and entertaining. It’s great for daily wear or daytime events–the distinct bright gold rotating globe will surely become a talking point of your outfit.

Colombian Emerald Gold Necklace Rent Houston Jewelry
Photo: Eklektic Jewelry Studio

Houston Wedding Blog: When should a client consider renting jewelry, and when should they definitely buy?

Cuvelier: It’s more convenient to rent jewelry when it will be used as fashion, simply something to add to your look for an occasion. So, rent for daily use, work attire, black tie or a night out. I definitely recommend buying jewelry when it symbolizes a life event. This kind of jewelry does more than just add to an outfit, it carries meaning and a reminder of your milestones. Some examples of jewelry you should buy include graduation rings, anniversary jewelry, Mother’s Day jewelry, and, of course, wedding rings. But the rest of your bridal jewelry can be rented! You can budget more money on wedding rings if you rent the rest of your accessory jewelry. You don’t have to buy cheap fashion jewelry for your wedding accessories, when you can rent glamorous fine jewelry.

For more available jewelry rental styles, pricing and rental term details, or for a consult on designing your one-of-a-kind wedding rings, check out Eklektic Jewelry Studio online, or in person at their Montrose Studio. Happy jewelry shopping (or renting!), loves.



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