{LolliBride Chocolate Invitations and Favors}


We’ve covered
boxed invitations, feather-accented invitations, message-in-a-bottle invitations, sculptural-floral invitations, video invitations…and now, chocolate invitations!

LolliBrides from Naturally Gifted in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., are 8 ½-inch-tall, 2-ounce chocolate lollipops dressed in gorgeously colorful strapless ball gowns complete with tulle overlays and ribbon sashes. These edible lovelies are available in milk or white chocolate and come in a range of juicy gown colors including Gem Peridot, Gem Citrine and Gem Pink (when you order online, you’ll have to send a separate e-mail specifying which colors you want, and how many of each). Personalized labels let you customize your LolliBrides for your occasion, whatever it may be.

We especially love LolliBrides for bridal showers…as invites, place-setting favors, take-home centerpieces, game prizes, dessert—you name it. Truly unique, truly gorgeous, truly WEDDING. Here comes the LolliBride!

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4 Responses to “LolliBride Chocolate Invitations and Favors”

  1. […] are just naturally gifted to have that knack of performing for people, they love the spotlight, …LolliBride Chocolate Invitations and Favors Houston Wedding …LolliBrides from Naturally Gifted in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., are 8 ½-inch-tall, 2-ounce […]

  2. Honey says:

    Fabulous! They’re so pretty. I really really like it.

  3. Carol says:

    They look gorgeous but how do they stand up?

  4. NGarber says:

    Don’t know exactly how, but they do! Aren’t they adorable? Please contact LolliBride directly for details. Thanks!

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